Thursday, September 29

Announcing - The Tiny Tidy Challenge! Want To Be A Member For Free This Time?

Hi Lovelies.... I have to say it's been a massively big couple of days for me in front of this computer!

I was up until 5 a.m. the other morning finishing my first e-book (dang thing wasn't going to beat me before I went to bed), and I've been busy working on my Pathways To Home E-Journey (I'm so excited about this one!!).

BUT, today, I have an entirely different announcement for you!

If you'd be interested in taking part in a 5 week coaching/mentoring program that'll help you get rid of your clutter in a way that's pretty easy and pain free, then click over here to find out more.

The first intake will be free for all challenge entrants as I want to see how it goes and what you all think of the value you got from it.

After that.... there'll be a price (still very reasonable I think) on its head (so to speak)!

If you're interested, find out more here.

Linda. xox

PS: If you sign up to be notified of the Challenge when it starts and you don't get an email in response, let me know here can you... pretty please! I'm 99% certain I've got the form thingy working right, and I've tested it... but I'm still anxious about it!


Wednesday, September 28

I Just Wrote My First E-Book! Check It Out!

Well.... I'm not sure it qualifies as an e-book as it's only 11 pages long... so let's call it a mini-document, or mini-doc for short!

It's about one of the things I'm most passionate about (apart from soulful and holistic interior design), and I've uploaded it on my new Free Goodies page!

You can see the new button over there on the side-bar.

I'm working on a new one now, along with 2 e-courses for you.

Linda. xox

P.S. I'd love to know what you think!


Monday, September 26

Simple and Serene...

I just love the calmness and serenity this room gives off. I'm not usually a 'white' person.... but... I could relax in this room I think.

Image from EM Interiors via Polka Dot

Linda. xox

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Monday Mojo - Which Person Are You?

Happy Monday everyone.... some food for thought from an old Chinese Proverb.

Which person are you?

The one interrupting....

or the one doing it?

And as always on a Monday - may your mojo be with you!

Linda. xox


Friday, September 23

A Fantastic Mr. Fox Friday!!

Rather than my normal Fearless Fantasy Friday, I thought I'd feature this gorgeous child's coat today!

It's from the shop Little Goodall on Etsy... and what a brilliant shop it is. Just the most darling and charming outfits that look fabulously well made and sturdy. Gorgeous animals and characters!

Fox fur coat from Little Goodall on Etsy. Image by Bellini Pics.

Here's the description that goes with it:

It's a child in fox clothing! Fox coat of eco-felt, made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles. Looks and feels lovely, beautifully made. This Little Goodall original design features foxy "claws", a fox face hood, two slip pockets for warming foxy paws, and a fuzzy yarn fox tail.

Interior of coat is fully lined with a fun cotton print (print is subject to change from one in last picture due to limited supply, but will remain graphic, brown, and gender neutral), closes down the front with three vintage buttons. Sleeves lined with brown poly lining fabric to slip easily on and off over clothing.

What a glorious thing - I wish I'd had something like this to frolic around in as a kid.... I would have loved it!

As you know I love all sorts of woodsy creatures, and one of my favourite passages from any book ever was about a fox, in the middle of a pine wood, in a book called The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner. (Look it up if your children love to read fantasy in the likes of the Narnian series and Harry Potter etc).

This book was one of the cornerstones of my childhood..... seriously.

It taught me many things.

And, it reminds me of one of my well-loved passages:

Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you've just finished to stay near it. What's that book for you?  (Markus Zusak).

I still have that book today although it's about 35 years old.

Just looking at this foxy coat takes me back.... oh to be a child again (or else find a grown-up foxy coat to play in!)

Happy Friday everyone. :)

I hope you get to 'play' this weekend!

Visit Little Goodall on Etsy if you're looking for gorgeous coats to stir your own children's playful and imaginative side.

Linda. xox


Wednesday, September 21

Congratulations Jenn!

A MASSIVE congratulations must fly across the water to my friend Jenn over at Live Love Life Now™ who has just opened her very own Etsy Shop!

Go Jenn!

You've done it!

10% of each of Jenn's sales goes to support a lovely animal sanctuary (where she found her own two precious cats Sami and Wylie), and I just know she's going to be a great success.

Congratulations Jenn..... may your dream grow and blossom.

Linda. xox


Tuesday, September 20

What A Door!

No words needed really..... love it!

Doors are such symbolic and magical things - a real totem of possibilities.

The image above was also featured differently in my original magical doorways post.... the colours are far more vibrant in this larger pic!

Linda. xox


Monday, September 19

Monday Mojo - Something To Do In The Shower...

Ahem..... The title of this post could be taken a few different ways - lol - but this is a G rated blog about connecting heart and home, so don't worry!

Scent has the most amazing effect on people, and aromatherapy is a time honoured way of bringing scent into our homes and lives.

I often have my oil burner going with different blends of my favourite oils in it. I also have a couple of pre-mixed blends, but I tend to like fiddling around with single oils and putting them together to see what I get and how they make me feel.

One great way to get going in the morning (and get your 'mojo' moving) is to have a shower and sprinkle around 10 to 20 drops of your favourite invigorating oil (orange, peppermint, or lime for me) onto the shower base in the corner so it gets a little bit of the warm water on it and starts to waft up with the steam!

If you're taking a relaxing shower try the same trick with lovely lavender.

So this happy Monday morning.... get up, get into the shower, get going.... and may your mojo be with you all week!

Linda. xox

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Friday, September 16

Fearless Fantasy Friday and a Weekend Wish For You....

This weekend may you find the courage, freedom, and creativity to do what it is you really want, when you want to, the way you want to.

Linda. xox


Wednesday, September 14

Dang It - So Unfair!!

At 8.00 this morning (USA time), Target launched the Missoni brand in all its stores.

I LOVE MISSONI with a passion.

The colours.

The patterns.

The style and design.

Heaven for me.

I want to BE Missoni (well, if I couldn't be me)!

But, and this is a HUGE but, not in Australia. Oh no, there's no Missoni for Target stores in Australia as yet.

Here's a slide show from over at Houzz with some of the Missoni wares on offer in USA Target stores (well, mostly sold out now already from what I gather).

Those vases and bowls with ALL my very favourite colours in them are on my hit list.

I live in hope.

Linda. xox


A Samantha Pynn Modern Beauty....

I've long been an admirer of Samantha Pynn, and this home, found at the ever fabulous Style At Home is one full of personality and pizzazz!

I love its bold graphic patterns, the artworks, its simplicity, the eclectic mix of objects, the curvature on the backs of those first dining chairs, that fab lighting pendant.... and of course... the tree table. You KNOW I want one of those!

Ignore the arrows on the side of the pics.... they won't work here, but they will if you view the rest of the slide show at Style At Home!

Samantha deviated from her usual colour palette of pink or lavender for these rooms, and came up with a more masculine look that's full of layers and unusual finds.

My sort of home.... quirky, individual, and dripping with uniqueness.

For more pics of this lovely space, visit Style At Home. There's also lots of other decor goodness to be found there!

Linda. xox


Monday, September 12

Monday Mojo - Look What I Ordered On The Weekend! I'm About To Satisfy A Long Held Craving (a little bit)...

I'm looking forward to this week.... a lot.... in fact, crazily!

By the end of the week, or maybe early next week, I'm going to be the proud owner of this canvas print I ordered on the weekend!

I got into a bit of a 're-arranging the furniture frenzy' on the weekend. You know, one of those 'in the zone', intense and deeply satisfying time warps where things get a good shake up, clean out, shuffle, and inspirational up-date!

I cleaned out old crockery and some furniture, bought a hot new rug, some new chairs, a new lamp, various little bits and pieces for the walls (I love putting great cards on my walls), and some new mugs (of all things).

Quite a 'blow out' for me!

And then, I truly fell in love with this tree canvas print when I found the website Simply Canvas on Sunday.

It's called 'In The Depths Of The Forest', and it basically epitomises one of my childhood fantasies... finding the perfect forest to get lost and cocooned in.

Forests (in my dreams), make me feel safe, nurtured and cloaked in mystical goodness. You can find out a bit about why I think that's so here.

But, what it means for me as a grown up, is that my really nutty and heartfelt attraction to trees leads to me including them in my home in any way I can (as long as it looks good - lol).

I can't wait for it to arrive! I now have the perfect blank spot on the wall for it above my antique inlaid writing desk.

I'm SOOOOOO excited.... and I bet my 'mojo' will be good this week!

Happy Monday everyone, and as always on a Monday, may your mojo be with you for the rest of the week!

Linda. xox


Sunday, September 11

My New Favourite Blog.... Sacha, Your Writing Rocks!

I love this amazing world of bloggy inspiration. There's some incredible and delightful people 'out there' I'd never get the chance to meet, or interact with, if it wasn't for this wonderful thing called the World Wide Web.

One of the new people in my own little corner of blog land is Sacha from Thru The Orange Door! Hi Sacha (waving with a big smile!)

Sacha has left a some lovely comments on my blog over the last few days, and also joined the 'I Believe In Home' campaign. (Thanks Sacha... big hugs!)

So, of course, I wandered over to her blog to see what she was about.

It was pretty much instantly obvious that Sacha is a lovely person whose sense of humour and style of writing is the sort I really enjoy. (And I bet you will too).

The first two posts made me laugh out loud. (It was a tea spitting laugh, but fortunately my cup and mouth were both empty at the time). The bird song was short and hilarious, and the one about 'the shakes' had me with the pigeon, the muesli, and the resulting crap all over the place!

The third post was about mouth watering brownies (of which I am equally a fan)... so Sacha is definitely from good stock. :) There was also a very inspiring story behind the making of these brownies.

Not to mention the fact Sacha obviously has a bit of a 'thing' about orange doors. (Now I KNOW she's my kinda gal).

So, I just wanted to say 'Hi Sacha, thanks for finding me, and your writing rocks'!

Linda. xox


Friday, September 9

Who Do You Think You Are?

I'm not a big lover of the Vampire Diaries, but this song 'Jar Of Hearts' (which, after watching the film clip must be used in the TV series), is my new favourite song.

The singer, Christina Perri, is new to me, but has a voice I really like.

Lovely harmonies at the end too.

What do you think?

Music is so important in any home.... you can read more about my thoughts surrounding that (and why my bottom is similar to Hugh Grants) here!

Have a great weekend everyone!

I hope you get the chance to kick back and enjoy some music you love.

Linda. xox

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Wednesday, September 7

A Study Of 'The Study'! Some Beautiful Rooms To Admire...

I'm in a bit of a 'studious' mood today.... and this little collection of office/study photos is a great example of how different people work best in different surrounds.

Whatever gets your creative/work juices flowing is what's best to have around you. For some, minimalism helps calm their mind and create focus, whilst others need colour and comfort to settle in and let loose on their workload.

I tend to feel the need to be cocooned in my work space so everything else becomes 'stuff' on the outside of my little world, and therefore doesn't get in the way and distract me. To that end I love lots of texture, fabric and richer colours where possible.

What do you need to work/create best?

Linda. xox


Monday, September 5

Monday Mojo - A Gorgeous Tree Loving Home!

Here's a lovely house to look at this Monday morning!

It's from the website Houzz, a good place to get 'lost' for a few hours if you've got time to spare.

You know how I LOVE trees and anything tree related... so how could I not adore this house which is built around some glorious trees. You can see them sprouting out of the decking in various places around the home.

I could really see myself living and relaxing in a home like this. I'd be quite happy never venturing out into the 'real world' for days (maybe weeks) at a time if I had somewhere like this to hide away.

It would be my own little world... so wonderful!

I hope you find a space this week that makes you feel happy and all warm inside.

Have a great week everyone, and as always on a Monday... may your mojo be with you.

Linda. xox


Saturday, September 3

A Bit Of Laughter For A Saturday Morning.... I Love Beaker!!



It's true.

I LOVE the muppets! They were always there when I was growing up, and they bring back fond memories of everyone having a laugh around the tele. You know I have a bit of a Swedish Chef fetish, but this video of Ode To Joy featuring Beaker is hilarious (I think so anyway).

Make sure you watch all the way to the end....

Any other closet Muppet fans out there?

Laughter is so good to have in your home. I hope this gave you a chuckle today.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Linda. xox

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