Wednesday, September 21

Congratulations Jenn!

A MASSIVE congratulations must fly across the water to my friend Jenn over at Live Love Life Now™ who has just opened her very own Etsy Shop!

Go Jenn!

You've done it!

10% of each of Jenn's sales goes to support a lovely animal sanctuary (where she found her own two precious cats Sami and Wylie), and I just know she's going to be a great success.

Congratulations Jenn..... may your dream grow and blossom.

Linda. xox



  1. It's a great idea, right? I'm doing something like that but in my actual shop, and for romanian dogs, cats, horses and donkeys. I also support my local shelter with donations ( i just made one for my birthday, like I always do ).
    People usually tell me that i should think about children first, and that animals are not important. I really believe we should act as we feel inside and not following conventions, this way what little thing we do will have some value.
    Oh, sorry, the little buddha inside of me sometimes can't shut up!!

  2. Quite right Bobbi - you should go with what you feel and what you want - and you're obviously making a difference for a lot of animals. And I don't even mean your own furry bandits! ;-)

  3. You are the SWEETEST, Linda!! Thank you so much for your post and all your wonderful comments - they mean the world to me!

    Everybody has been so wonderfully receptive to the shop, I'm just super excited that it's finally up and 'open for business' :)

    Thank you for all the support over this past year...your encouragement really has helped push me to where I am today!

    Jenn xo

  4. Bobbi - you are soo right and I feel just the same way!! Obviously :)

    My whole point about supporting animals and animal organizations is that animals can't speak up for themselves. They can't do anything to help themselves out of an unfortunate situation unlike us humans...and I abhor the thought of even one animal going without a meal or having a loving home to live in.

    I love what you are doing in your store to help out your local animals and hopefully one day there will be no need for our charity!

    Jenn xo

  5. Jenn, you are soooo welcome and I'm so happy and excited for you!

    Bobbi, you are like a ninja, animal warrior protector! When I think of animal lovers and animal saviours, I think of you. I think your 'Little Buddha' should get going with a megaphone and spread the word far and wide. There's no-one I admire more than you in the way you care for and love your furry bandits and all other animals you can possibly help.

    Both of you girls ROCK!

    Linda. xxx


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