Saturday, October 2

For Your Weekend Entertainment... A Squirrel Take-over, A Cat Shower, and A Surprise!!

These 3 items were found over on Cute Overload in their Top 10 Posts of 2009 post.

Oh my goodness..... so cute and FUNNY!

First up, a squirrel take-over. This little guy decided HE wanted to get in on the action in this holiday snap.

Gotta love a 'limelight stealing' squirrel!

And now, secondly, preeeeeeeesenting...... the most inefficient water drinker in the entire world. (Or the smartest one, I'm not sure if putting his mouth under the stream of water would have been any better!) By the end of this (at the 2 minute mark it progressed to the ridiculous stage), I was in gales of laughter. Sore stomach.

Finally, a surprise....... everybody loves them!

Linda. xox


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  1. Funny cat moments are THE best! Who ever said cats lack the personality of dogs!?

  2. Naaaaaaaaaw, how frikkin adorable is the suprised kitty?!

    Happy Blogtoberfest & thanks for sharing some funny!

  3. I loved all three of these (heavy cute overload reader here), especially the surprised kitty. I downloaded it om my mac, too cute. The photobomber squirrel and the cat shower are also wonderful! One of the cat I had as a child used to drink running water from the kitchen sink. She would jump up, put one pow on the tap and meow until someone would go and turn it on. There was a bowl full of fresh water on the floor, bu she didn't like it. She could also open the cabinet where my mom kept the candies and steal milk candy, mine and her favorite. She lived almost 22 years, can you believe it?
    Have a great sunday!!

  4. Hi Vic, lovely to *meet* you!

    Bobbi, I only just found Cute Overload... so much fun! I could wander through there for hours.

    Your childhood cat sounds amazing! Can't believe how long she lived - wow - how wonderful for all of you to have her around so long. Very special!

    Linda. xox

  5. Linda, I just loved that video of the cat shower. He's such a cute kitty and I know I"m going to click on it again when I come visit again. I stumbled upon Cute Overload one time and was on there for an hour! Yup, like I really have time to spend an hour looking at cute animals!

  6. Animals never cease to amaze me - and these videos just confirm why I am an animal lover!!

    The cat shower video is by far my favorite and I'm thisclose to clicking over to Cute Overload and losing the better part of the afternoon watching cute animal videos :)


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