Wednesday, September 28

I Just Wrote My First E-Book! Check It Out!

Well.... I'm not sure it qualifies as an e-book as it's only 11 pages long... so let's call it a mini-document, or mini-doc for short!

It's about one of the things I'm most passionate about (apart from soulful and holistic interior design), and I've uploaded it on my new Free Goodies page!

You can see the new button over there on the side-bar.

I'm working on a new one now, along with 2 e-courses for you.

Linda. xox

P.S. I'd love to know what you think!



  1. I just had a quick read and i think there are very good ideas in it. I'm going to give the link to my friend who has a twelve year old that hates reading...and it's a shame because she's a smart little girl who loves art, so I guess she was introduced to books the wrong way.
    I'll tell you what happens!!

  2. Thanks Bobbi, I hope it's helpful for her. There's lots more that could go in it... but I figured preening it down to a reasonable amount would stop it from being so overwhelming it became too cumbersome to use!

  3. I just found your blog and am the newest follower! So excited to keep up with you, love your style! On my way to check out the mini book!

  4. Hi Linda, I've been enjoying your blog for a while now and just wanted to say thank you for the e-book. I'm obsessive, ahem, passionate about books and reading and am delighted that my girls are too. We do many of your ideas already but I now have even more inspiration. My husband is building them a tree house this summer, so I shall make sure a bookshelf goes into the plans!

    Love, love, love your blog - you have already set me on a journey to creating an authentically decorated home and can't wait for the e-journey.
    Thank you so much for your generosity.


  5. Amanda, so lovely to meet you! Thanks for the follow, I'll be off to check out your blog in a few secs!

    Caz, thanks so much for your lovely comments. You made my day! :)

    What lucky girls to have a mum like you who's so passionate about reading, and a dad who's going to build them a cubby with some shelves in it - wow!! I'm so happy you found a few ideas to use.

    I'm also absolutely excited that you're looking forward to the e-journey!! Sometimes you wonder out here in blogland if anyone will be interested if you write something.... but I'm just SO passionate about it that it just HAS to get written.... then we'll see what happens after that!

    I'll be offering the very first one to a limited number of people for free to see how it goes before I start charging the normal price for it... so keep on the look out, I'd love to have you aboard!

    Once again, thanks so much and see you soon!

    Linda. xox

  6. I'm loving it!! I don't have children myself, but I'm such a passionate book lover and avid reader myself that I would want everyone to share this passion!

    I know Fab will be wanting to use these techniques on her 6-year-old nephew - it will be such a great gift to him to teach him books are life-long friends!

    And I'm really excited to hear you've got other 'stuff' coming up!!

    xx Sas

  7. Thanks Sacha, glad you think the ideas are useful and you know someone who can actually put them to use!

    And, I so agree.... books are like life-long friends. Many's the time I've turned to them for solace, cheering up, entertainment, distraction, motivation... all manner of things. If we help a child learn to love books, I think we've given them one of the greatest gifts of all.

    I'm sure most of my good morals were helped along by reading certain books. Of course I had my wonderful parents to set the main example, but the classic literature and well chosen books I read as a child also effected the formation of my growing 'inner self' markedly.... I'm sure of it.

    Linda. xox


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