Wednesday, September 14

Dang It - So Unfair!!

At 8.00 this morning (USA time), Target launched the Missoni brand in all its stores.

I LOVE MISSONI with a passion.

The colours.

The patterns.

The style and design.

Heaven for me.

I want to BE Missoni (well, if I couldn't be me)!

But, and this is a HUGE but, not in Australia. Oh no, there's no Missoni for Target stores in Australia as yet.

Here's a slide show from over at Houzz with some of the Missoni wares on offer in USA Target stores (well, mostly sold out now already from what I gather).

Those vases and bowls with ALL my very favourite colours in them are on my hit list.

I live in hope.

Linda. xox


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  1. Hmm, perhaps you can get some on eBay. It's such a great collection.


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