Saturday, September 3

A Bit Of Laughter For A Saturday Morning.... I Love Beaker!!



It's true.

I LOVE the muppets! They were always there when I was growing up, and they bring back fond memories of everyone having a laugh around the tele. You know I have a bit of a Swedish Chef fetish, but this video of Ode To Joy featuring Beaker is hilarious (I think so anyway).

Make sure you watch all the way to the end....

Any other closet Muppet fans out there?

Laughter is so good to have in your home. I hope this gave you a chuckle today.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Linda. xox

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  1. I LOVE Beaker - he is my favorite Muppet for sure and always made me laugh! So thank you for that...I sorely needed that chuckle :)

    My cat video from this past Monday features a soundtrack of "Mahna Mahna" from the check it out when you have a chance. I think it'll make you giggle :)

    Jenn xo

  2. oh we laugh everyday at our house... the dogs are such comedians.
    Come on over to see what Tucker has been up to.

  3. You can't be a Muppets fan and be in the closet I reckon. Loved this and have realised how uneductaed my children are. They watched this and NO idea who Beaker was or (to my shame - The Muppets.) This must be rectified.

  4. Jenn, I had no idea your cat videos were so gorgeous!! Sami and Wylie are divine... very glam cats!

    Marianne... Tucker is so cute. I've not had a dog for years and I miss having one. One day....

    Trash, you made me laugh out loud!!! Yes, this must be rectified. ;)

    Linda. xox


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