Wednesday, September 14

A Samantha Pynn Modern Beauty....

I've long been an admirer of Samantha Pynn, and this home, found at the ever fabulous Style At Home is one full of personality and pizzazz!

I love its bold graphic patterns, the artworks, its simplicity, the eclectic mix of objects, the curvature on the backs of those first dining chairs, that fab lighting pendant.... and of course... the tree table. You KNOW I want one of those!

Ignore the arrows on the side of the pics.... they won't work here, but they will if you view the rest of the slide show at Style At Home!

Samantha deviated from her usual colour palette of pink or lavender for these rooms, and came up with a more masculine look that's full of layers and unusual finds.

My sort of home.... quirky, individual, and dripping with uniqueness.

For more pics of this lovely space, visit Style At Home. There's also lots of other decor goodness to be found there!

Linda. xox



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! Thank you for the amazing usual :) And for the birthday wishes - it was a great weekend!

    Jenn xo

  2. I love the tree table!! Ohh I want to be rich!! So I can buy new things for my home and redecorate as much as I want!!! What do you think I could do, Linda? Marry a rich guy?


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