Monday, September 19

Monday Mojo - Something To Do In The Shower...

Ahem..... The title of this post could be taken a few different ways - lol - but this is a G rated blog about connecting heart and home, so don't worry!

Scent has the most amazing effect on people, and aromatherapy is a time honoured way of bringing scent into our homes and lives.

I often have my oil burner going with different blends of my favourite oils in it. I also have a couple of pre-mixed blends, but I tend to like fiddling around with single oils and putting them together to see what I get and how they make me feel.

One great way to get going in the morning (and get your 'mojo' moving) is to have a shower and sprinkle around 10 to 20 drops of your favourite invigorating oil (orange, peppermint, or lime for me) onto the shower base in the corner so it gets a little bit of the warm water on it and starts to waft up with the steam!

If you're taking a relaxing shower try the same trick with lovely lavender.

So this happy Monday morning.... get up, get into the shower, get going.... and may your mojo be with you all week!

Linda. xox

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  1. Now why didn't I ever think of that??

    Your post is purrfect timing once again - I needed something to give me a boost to get going this morning - and as orange oil is one of my favourites, I had everything handy!

    It doesn't half do the trick! ;-)

    And what a gorgeous bathroom in the pic...


  2. i do that too. orange is my favorite because it always reminds me of sunny days. :)

  3. Your post title made me smile, lol :) I think that is an absolutely genius idea though and could use all the help I can get to wake me up in the morning...especially because I don't drink coffee!

    Oh and when you have a sec, check out my blog - the etsy shop is finally open! And I would love to hear what you think :)

    Jenn xo


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