Monday, February 21

Preeeesenting........ A Cat In A Bag.....

Aaahh, yes.... I may have been remiss in not posting some Monday Morning Music this morning.... but here I attempt to make it up to you with....

.... a cat in a bag.


Nothing beats them for entertainment and laughs, does it. (Ok, maybe babies sometimes).

Linda. xox



  1. how darling is the cat and his cute fluffy face. :) my cats growing up used to love a good bag or a box- it was the like the greatest thing ever!

  2. Haha ... he's so adorable.

    I love his eyes ... cats are so easily amused.

  3. This is why I ADORE cats. Everytime my look bored I throw a paperbag or a box on the floor and they start a party!! And honestly, I have no Idea who gets more fun, me or them. They are so much fun to look at. This cat is so round I want to squeeze his face!!


  4. You just made my day!!! This was hysterical...I love how he hid his face through most of the video - sneaky cat!

    I *heart* cats!


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