Sunday, September 11

My New Favourite Blog.... Sacha, Your Writing Rocks!

I love this amazing world of bloggy inspiration. There's some incredible and delightful people 'out there' I'd never get the chance to meet, or interact with, if it wasn't for this wonderful thing called the World Wide Web.

One of the new people in my own little corner of blog land is Sacha from Thru The Orange Door! Hi Sacha (waving with a big smile!)

Sacha has left a some lovely comments on my blog over the last few days, and also joined the 'I Believe In Home' campaign. (Thanks Sacha... big hugs!)

So, of course, I wandered over to her blog to see what she was about.

It was pretty much instantly obvious that Sacha is a lovely person whose sense of humour and style of writing is the sort I really enjoy. (And I bet you will too).

The first two posts made me laugh out loud. (It was a tea spitting laugh, but fortunately my cup and mouth were both empty at the time). The bird song was short and hilarious, and the one about 'the shakes' had me with the pigeon, the muesli, and the resulting crap all over the place!

The third post was about mouth watering brownies (of which I am equally a fan)... so Sacha is definitely from good stock. :) There was also a very inspiring story behind the making of these brownies.

Not to mention the fact Sacha obviously has a bit of a 'thing' about orange doors. (Now I KNOW she's my kinda gal).

So, I just wanted to say 'Hi Sacha, thanks for finding me, and your writing rocks'!

Linda. xox



  1. I'm going to check her blog right now.
    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!
    I'll make sure you'll get a dose of ewan if I find he can come as a birthday present.
    have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh wow - thanks so much for featuring me on your page!! I love love love your blog so this is a really big thing!!

    I first stumbled on your blog months ago when I was googling for butterfly pictures - as I have 'a thing for butterflies' too and they hold special meaning to me. And I read your touching post about the meaning butterflies have to you and knew: kindred spirit right here!

    And when I set out to explore the rest of the blog I just loved your posts and all the gorgeous balm for the soul pics you have on here - delight without calories, how fab is that??

    And of course I have a thing for books, maps, trees, cats, muppets etc. too!

    I've always been a bit shy about leaving comments but since I've now found the guts to join the blogging world those days are gone!

    Thx so much again!

  3. Hope you had a great day Bobbi!! Thanks for the Ewen hand-over!! Hehe.

    Sacha, you are so welcome and I'm so glad you've found your commenting groove and aren't afraid to speak out when you feel like it now! I was like that when I began blogging too.... I sort of thought the blog owners would wonder who the heck I was if I started commenting out of the blue! Just like you it doesn't worry me anymore.

    It's always so wonderful to find a kindred spirit who 'gets' you and the things you have a 'thing' for!

    Linda. xox


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