Sunday, September 26

A Random Swedish Chef Sighting......

Aaahhhh, you're thinking.... Linda has seen some gorgeous, handsome, Swedish guy who can cook up a storm! Lucky girl!

Well not quite, but whilst visiting A Daily Thing,(another new blog discovery today), I did spot this...... doughnuts anyone?

I remember how some of you loved the Muppet post a few weeks back (I'm thinking of 'that' Miss Piggy costume), and I couldn't resist.

The post to go with it over at 'A Daily Thing' is funny too. Check it out!

And, because I just can't stop at one, I picked another one myself for a good laugh...

Laughter is such an easy way to make ourselves feel good. I listen to my laughing baby over there in the sidebar whenever I'm a bit gloomy..... wonderful tonic, and safer than a whole block of chocolate (although that's still a last resort).

Linda. xox


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  1. The Muppets are the greatest! But hey...the Muppets a doughnut and half a bar of chocolate... now that's perfection! (And we can eat celery and carrot stew the next day!)
    Thanks for this post...laughter is the best I'm off to watch The Nanny now to do some laughing!

  2. I love the Swedish Chef bestest of all. And Animal. Oh and Ralph.

  3. Thanks for popping over. A friend of my has a laughing baby ring tone on her phone, everytime I hear it, it makes me laugh.

  4. How fun! Thank you for sharing, and, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend :)


  5. I love the Swedish Chef! My favourite is in Muppet Family Christmas when he sees Big Bird and he is so excited to cook him for the Christmas Feast and then Big Bird gives him chocolate covered bird seed as a gift and he feels so guilty for wanting to cook him.

  6. Love love love the Muppets, I feel like wearing my miss Piggy costume and go out in the world every time I see them. Muppets make me go silly and happy at the same time.


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