Wednesday, August 31

This Is My New Favourite Room!

I love this kids' playroom with its huge items of furniture, massive artwork and stand-out pendant lights! I would've loved rollicking around this room as a kid.

Equally impressive for grown-ups too I think.... relaxing on that overscale lounge and reading a good book would be fab.

The picture is taken from my favourite online magazine Traditional Home (an offshoot of Lonny Mag). I could really lose myself in the rooms featured throughout its beautiful pages.

Check out the edition featuring this gorgeous room here!

Linda. xox



  1. oh wow. I like how it's both exciting and calming at the same time.

  2. Here I am!! Back at the shop full time.
    This is my new favorite room's all so welcoming and fun!
    And I would die to have a soft carpet like that, but with eight cats it would be crazy.
    I can't wait for your new blog. I need some tiny and tidy in my life.

  3. Hi Katya, so lovely to *meet* you!!

    Bobbi, great to have you back!! Glad you've been enjoying the Summer weather over there. :)

    You just reminded me to take my new 'project' off the blog listing on my profile - lol. It's supposed to be a secret for the time being... actually part of a small course (different to the other 8 week Pathways To Home course I'm writing).

    I wondered what new blog you were talking about for a brief second until I twigged it was the one related to what I'm working on at the moment! So now it's 'disappeared' for the time being, until it's ready for viewing by members who are taking part in the Tiny Tidy Challenge!

    Good to have you back. :)

    Linda. xox

  4. I love this room!! The artwork and pendants make it so contemporary and different!!

  5. ohh...sorry I have spoiled the secret!


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Linda. xx

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