Thursday, November 18

A Quote Journey Around My Home - Part 6 - Dream Big!

This is Part 6 of the 'quote journey' around my home! I'm a bit behind, and was planning to do my living area next..... but today it's a little quote and phrase in my hallway instead. We'll get back to the living area soon!

Right at the end of my hallway, you can see there's a little something over on the right-hand side, just after that doorway on the right.

This is what it looks like close up!

That's what I see every time I walk out of my bedroom, whose doorway is at the far end on the left in that top picture (you can't really see it).

It reminds me that much of what I achieve depends on the thoughts I think, and the things I dream of and then plan for.

A little motivator to get each day off to a good start!

My trusty scrapbooking letters and another great greeting card are the source for this little display. It doesn't take anything expensive to create something inspirational.

It's been a 'short and sweet' stop on the 'quote journey' today! Next time I'll travel back up the hallway to the living room.

Linda. xox


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  1. "Ditto" on the dream big!!! Thanks for popping over. Your blog is great! I just love finding all these great blogs.. So many talented women..

  2. Love those rugs!!! And, of course that quote. I sooo believe in that. I love your house, I wish I could keep my palce this neat. Maybe you could share your secrets with your friend Bobbi...I'm a terrible houskeeper, I need help. My house is very clean, with all these cats I have to keep dirt under control and I am maniac at that, but clutter...Well, this is a particular moment, maybe I have to wait until the shop is opened ( paperworks should be almost ready ) to judge myself. Right now all this clutter is a need. But I hate it anyway.

  3. Thanks Linda :) You are just what I needed to today. :)

    Love those rugs!


  4. hi! Those little fluffy rugs you have in the hall....a close up please - I think a love them!

  5. My partner calls me the 'queen of decluttering' Bobbi! I have been known to throw out something (well, quite a few things) only to go looking for them a few months later, and then realise I threw them out in a decluttering frenzy!

    Still, if you declutter regularly, then you have more space for new things, big or small to come into your life!!

    Books give me trouble though. I seriously want to own a house with its own library one day, although I'm not sure I see that happening in this life time - lol.

    My work space at school is the same.... I need a neat office to feel comfortable. I don't care how other people's places are, doesn't bother me at all, but in my own place I need 'order' to fee truly at home.

    I have heaps of decluttering tips... might be a topic for a good post in the future!

    Those rugs are my favourites. I bought them at Freedom Furniture over here in Aus. I think my mum (who was with me when I bought the second one) thought I was a bit nuts buying a multi-coloured, weirdly tufted, fluffy sort of rug, but I LOVE them! Just my sort of style.

    I will take a better pic of them soon so you can see them close up. Who'd have thought others would like them like I do!

    Linda. :) xxx

  6. Oh yeah, and Jessie thinks those rugs are the absolute best thing in the whole entire world to 'claw' to death. And, the best thing is, you can't tell the difference!!! She does all her clawing there, so everywhere else gets spared, and the rugs look exactly the same - lol.

    Linda. xx

  7. Oh, I think this is my favorite of all the quotes you've shown us. I do believe everything starts with dreaming big and believing in yourself. Quite lovely and I may have to copy this and figure out a great place to put this message in my home. Can't wait to see the rest.

  8. I love how you combined an art piece with the words to create something altogether new. Really really neat!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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