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A Quote Journey Around My Home - Part 3 - A Very Meaningful Fridge!

This is part 3 of the 'quote journey' around my  home! You can see part 1 here, and part 2 here.

After last week's look at one end of my little dining area, I've turned the camera around, and am shooting from a position right next to the soul gardener's quote on the wall, and standing right in front of my 'door of inspiration'.

The first thing I focus on when I walk in my door at night is the side of the fridge! Can you see it further up there?

It has the words 'Welcome Home' on it. And, I always feel welcome and 'at home' as soon as I get inside my little home. I love it!

Also on that side of the fridge, to go with that message, is a picture of my mum and dad. Their presence makes me feel connected to my home. My beloved dad passed away 12 years ago when I was 32, and I miss him so very dearly. He was a HUGE part of my life, (I was a daddy's girl), and we did lots of outside things together like fishing, yabbying, and rabbiting (I was a tomboy and we lived in a rural setting) when I was little.

He also taught me how to ride a horse, and how to drive a car. And, being a mechanic, he basically 'put together' my first car so that they could afford to get me one. Having a picture of my dad and mum (from about 16 years ago) before he got sick is a beautiful momento to enjoy, and just makes me feel grounded.

The card with the butterfly verse on it is there to go with the photo. At my dad's funeral, the minister included a lovely passage about how after we die we're like a butterfly finally coming out of our chrysalis and blossoming into the full potential of our soul. Since then I've always had a real 'thing' for butterflies, and they feature alot in my decorative bits and pieces.

The verse on the card reads....

'Beautiful memories never fly away...
They stay with us
They comfort us

You can see a lovely butterfly magnet on there as well, (and there's more of them on the front of the fridge along with one of my favourite prints from spectacular artist Marisol Spoon on Etsy), and there's another magnet with 2 children hugging that says 'To have joy, one must share it'. You can also see one of the same series of cards from my 'door of inspiration' with the words 'Live Your Passion' on it.

I try really hard to live my passion every day.... that makes me a more joyful person, and then I can try and pass that joy on! It all works together and makes me feel better within myself, and better as a contributor to the lives of others. My mum and dad were the mainstay of my happy childhood and core values, and I hope I do them proud in today's world and with how I'm creating my life.

So, all these little bits and pieces on the side of my fridge go together to welcome me home every day, ground me, and remind me of what's important in life.... family, love, passion, and compassion.

Next week we'll look at some more quotes on the wall right next to the fridge, and the ones I have sitting on top of the sliding door pelmet right near them!

Until next week, live your life joyfully and passionately!

Linda. xox

P.S: It says 'My Supplies' on my kitchen pantry because they were the only words I could make from my diminishing hoard of scrapbooking letters at the time!! LOL. When I get some more letters I'll probably change it to something else. There was a mark on the door I wanted to hide.... so that's what ended up there!!

P.P.S: Guess what's opening next week?!! Finally, yay!


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  1. I like your kitchen a lot. There is everything you need but it feels spacious. I like that you don't have hanging cabinets, most of the times i hate them. and i love all those inspiring bits all around the place. Love how you talk about your parents and your dad especially: i don't have a family it is just me and my mom, but I lived on my own since I was fifteen, and we were apart and kind of disconnected on many levels for a long time. I'm happy when I hear about happy familes!! It's nice what the minister said at your dad's funeral, it gives a nice image of an otherwise tragic moment, it makes it feel natural, like anatural evolution of things.

    And I'm sooo happy about what's coming next week!! About time!!It's fun because our shops are almost opening at the same moment...

    Pssst... I noticed a guitar...can you play it? (i love people that can play an instrument, i play the piano but I'm really bad, and I come from a family full of musicians!!)

  2. Linda you are brave and admirable. I can't even imagine losing a parent- I know I would be a mess. You are extremely lucky to have parents that showed you hard work and passion. My parents showed me hard work but passion on the hand, they would rather have me locked up in a cubicle all day for the security.

    Your kitchen looks warm and inviting and I can imagine have a nice big cup of coffee at the counter. Welcome home! Love it! :)


  3. Such a lovely post Linda.....and such a great way to enjoy the memories of your Dad. Have a lovely Friday. x

  4. Bobbi, I was lucky to have a very happy childhood! My brother is 13 years older than me, and was basically out of home by the time I was around 6, so I guess I was almost like an only child in many ways. And, as we lived rurally, the worst part was being alone most of the time. But, I rode my bike for hours with my dog running beside me, would disapper for most of a day exploring, rode my horse, climbed trees, rolled down hills, watched sunsets, read books, drew pictures... so I mightn't have had many friends around outside of school time, but it was 'rich' time none-the-less!

    It's sad when families are disconnected.

    My family is only a very small one though, me and mum (about a minute away!), and my brother's family (they're in another state). I quite envy those big families you see on TV who all sit around the table and converse and visit one another's houses etc!

    The guitar..... well..... I WISH I could play it! I had a few lessons years ago, but never seem to fit in the time to pick it up again. It's always on display though, because my dad gave it to me. I'd always really wanted one, and one day he came home from work, and said a mate had been wanting to get rid of it, so he was able to buy it cheaply. I treasure it always... as it's a luxury I usually wouldn't have been able to have, and my dad was so excited to give it to me. I'm VERY protective of it - lol.

    Erika, it's sad you were 'over-protected'. Times have certainly changed in recent years, and it's so much more dangerous for kids to be out and about alone. I was gone for hours at a time just roaming around... as long as I was home in time for meals, all was good!

    We lived on an educational 'facility' though, where students trained in all aspects of farming and agriculture. So whilst it was very rural, (as it simulated living on all sorts of farms), it was also like a little 'community' and we had security guards etc around the place. So I was in an ideal situation really. Although, I used to ride for kilometres where no-one would have known to look for me!!! This was before the days of mobile phones too.

    Bobbi, I can't wait for your shop... very excited for you! Mine is only teeny, so really shouldn't have taken me this long to get organised (there's only 9 cushion covers in it at present), but I'm fussy, so I've been fiddling with little bits and pieces. So glad we're both nearly there!

    Happy weekend everyone!!

    Linda. xox

  5. Hi Linda :) I have been hanging to get over here and have a better look around and read your last few entries. I love this post it gives such a lovely representation of who you are. I can just imagine sitting at the kitchen bench having a cuppa (or wine) and chatting away. Just in case you want to play along I have tagged you in a 'get to know you' type game, would love to read your answers!

  6. I adored the journey around your home ... it's always nice to get an insight into people, and I think a person's home says so much about them.

    Your home is beautiful and feels filled with rich memories and much creative energy. What a lovely space you occupy.

  7. I really loved this post Linda. It brought a tear, as I thought of my own dad and how precious dad's are. Mine has passed also.

    Thankyou for sharing pics of your home, I really love the raspberry accent colours - it looks gorgeous.

  8. Hey Bec, you'd be soooo welcome to come and have a cuppa and a chat! Thanks for your invite, will get my thinking hat on! I loved your answers to the questions on your blog.

    Thanks so much for those lovely words Tracey! :) :)

    Michelle, I am so sorry you've lost your dad too. It's hard isn't it.

    I have a bit of red that's blue based (so tending towards the raspberry type colour, although it looks a tad more raspberry in these pics than it is) in nearly every room. Can't live without it!! I seem to be 'hardwired' to have it around me. Thanks for popping by!

    Linda. xox

  9. happy to have discovered your blog this morning, off to read and see some more!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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