Thursday, September 30

A Quote Journey Around My Home - Part 2. A Door Full Of Inspiration!

This is the second step on my 'quote journey around  my home!' (You can read more info about the 'journey' in this post).

These inspirational words aren't exactly quotes, but they are phrases of inspiration that I refer to regularly.

They're on the door I walk in and out of multiple times a day, (it's the door to my garage from my little dining area), so every now and then I make sure I take the time to re-affirm 1 or 2 of the phrases on the cards.

The cards come from a box of cards by author Wayne Dyer called 'Inspiration - Your Ultimate Calling'. I have lots of these diplayed around my home, but I sorted through the deck and picked some of the ones that really resonated with me (and blended in colour wise - lol!!). Others that I like can get 'rotated' into my displays at some stage.

If you look closely at them further down in this post, you'll also see they have butterflies on them..... a really meaningful trigger for me... and something that connects me with them in a deeper way.

They also have a lovely passage of text on the back to go with the words on the front. This is why my cards are only loosely stuck to the door with blu tac.... if I feel the need to turn them over and re-read the back of them.... I can! Then I pop them straight back on the door. The one below is not up anywhere at the moment, but I love it..... so it may get 'rotated in' later on.

If you saw the quote from last week's post, you'll notice that these cards are right next to it! You can see the 'soul gardener' quote over there amidst the butterflies on the wall.

The door is going to get painted out at some stage, which will make the room look bigger! But, I'm waiting until I repaint the whole living area in a warmer colour, and I'll do it then. When I moved in 2 years ago, the unit had just been freshly painted, so I've been putting off the whole 'painting thing' for a while..... but I have to get to it because I really do 'need' a slightly warmer colour on the walls (rather than the grey which I find chilly!).

The bookcases are all on the list to be painted too - lol - that's been 'going to happen' for years!

You can see my living room through here.... and if you look, you can see more of these cards down the side of the bookcase. There's another bookcase on the other side of the couch with cards down its side too! They're close by if I'm sitting on the couch and need a bit of inspiration!

Here are the cards on the door in close up so you can see what they say......

Each one is very important to me... and something I try to weave within my life. (Although, I have yet to master the art of meditation... my mind never shuts up!).

The one that says 'forget about the cash value' is ringing true at the moment. I have a good part-time job (primary teaching) that pays the bills, so I have time to focus on my designing, my blog, performing, and other creative things. My newest venture is my online cushion shop, which has been near completion for ages, but should finally be up and running within 2 weeks!

If I worried about making  money from this shop....... I'd never do it! It's never going to make me much money. In fact, at the moment, all it's done is put me in debt to fill up my stock cupboard with gorgeous cushion covers. But you know what?........

I don't care.

One of my other favourite inspirational pieces of text is from something I read ages ago, (can't even remember what). But, it talked about following your bliss and doing what you love to do. It went on to say that you can really tell if you love what you're doing if you'd do it without being paid.

There's heaps of things I enjoy doing that actually cost me money, but I do them anyway....

I perform in amateur theatre. The standard of our shows in Ballarat is very high, and a 'season' can continue over many weeks, so it's very exhausting (late nights and still getting up and going to work). We have to pay our membership fee to be part of the performance. Doing shows like Les Miserables is worth it!

I don't ask any money to help friends or even acquaintances with their interior design... I just love doing it! (I do if it's someone I don't know).

And, even if this cushion shop only sells one cushion a week and barely makes any money.... I'm still going to have a blast doing it because it means I have an excuse to research and source gorgeous, handmade cushion covers..... I get to look at them laying prettily in my stock cupboard..... and then I get to share them with other people who hopefully find as much delight in them as I do!

Call me silly, but it makes me happy!!!!

Of course I couldn't do it if I didn't have a 'day job', but I'm truly grateful I can. :)

Next week I'm going to turn the camera around, shoot towards the other end of the dining area, and show you the words and quotes in part of the kitchen.

They're on the wall, on the fridge, on the pantry door...... so lots to look at!

Linda. xox

PS: Did you notice the owl hanging from the doorknob? (I'll give you a close-up another day. He's pretty gorgeous!) I have an owl on every external door except the glass sliding door. (There are 2 owls just outside that one). They're my animal 'totem' of guardianship.... I like them watching over my home. Supposedly, if you have an animal you're strongly attracted to over all others, they're your 'totem', and, meant to protect you from harm. Makes me feel good anyhow, and that's what's important!

P.P.S: I'll be putting up the post for September's Lovely Links Party tomorrow. If you have a post from September you'd like to share, I'd love you to link up with some words and a pic.

See you tomorrow!


More: Here's the post where the 'quote journey' began!


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  1. I have similar cards that I had forgotten about, maybe I will go and find them and put them on our nature table, thanks! I love the peek inside your home too, I like that oyu have three slim bookcases rather than one big one, much more efective and less cluttered.

  2. I totally noticed the owl - he is cute! Very nice home too :)

  3. Glad it jolted your memory Bec! Your nature table is great... so good for the kids to have a special place for 'found treasures!'

    Thanks Meghan! My home certainly isn't styled the way I'd style other people's homes (each person is different)... but it makes me happy!

    It's quite humble and simple, nothing glam, and pretty small considering the average size of today's homes(mine's only a unit).

    I find lots of bits and pieces at auctions and flea markets, so much fun and good to recycle... and there has to be a bit of red in every room!

    It could do with new tiles in the kitchen and bathroom (although I've grown to like the corny ones there are!), new paint colour everywhere (bit warmer), and better curtaining... but I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my home.

    It gives me an emotional rush of happiness to walk inside at the end of every work day and know I'm truly 'home'. There's no place I'd rather be.

    Linda. xox

  4. Hi Linda,
    You are so right, home is the place that makes us feel the best! I love your inspirational cards; I often write quotes I like on 3 x 5 cards - ask my daughter to illustrate them (you can see some of her fashion illustrations at and put them on the shelf above my sink...just to help the verses sink in (as I mess around in the kitchen sink and do dishes - amazing how quickly the dishes get done when the mind is being used!)
    That being said, I think you have a really lovely home... you have to make it work for you and then it will work for all who enter (even those who visit through blogger land!).

  5. What a great thing to do whilst washing the dishes Ann! Doing the dishes is my least favourite chore... I'll have to try it. I could stick some up in front of me!

    Your daughters drawings are fab! And, the new range of cards she's just designed look really good - I hope they go well in her new Etsy shop! She takes a gorgeous pic too!

    Linda. xox

  6. Hey Linda - another great post - i really like the pay attention to nature one - it's one of "my" things to reconnect. I never wear an ipod in the garden or while out walking - that quote you have is why :)
    Your painted out door will really make a change - we did that to our old place - talk about facelift. But it's hard to get wound up to paint - so much work involved !
    Really looking forward to your cushion shop - know exactly what you mean about the work and not the money - it's such a creative outpouring - much like blogging sometimes.
    Have a gret Friday !

  7. Love the quotes. I have a big can of undercoat (left over from my DIY project) you could use for your door :-)) Cheers Charmaine

  8. Hi Lee... yes, I adore nature too, that passage of text is a great one!

    I'm really thinking I'm just gonna have to go ahead and do the door as soon as possible - lol. The more I look at it in that pic, the more it's annoying the heck out of me - more than it does in real life!!

    I know it will make a huge difference, and can't wait to see it done... it's just the 'doing' of it when you're so busy with so many other things. :)

    Charmaine, thanks for the offer!!!!!! :)

    I'm ashamed to say I actually have a huge tin of the exact paint they used to paint the walls with, sitting in the shed. They left it behind after they painted the place out before I bought it. (It was painted for selling purposes).

    I've just been waiting thinking that I'll paint the whole unit myself in a warmer colour, and I'll do the door at the same time. But, I don't see me having enough time to do the whole unit for quite a while.

    I really have no reasonable excuses to do just the door though ... I could make that smaller amount of time if I really had too!

    Once I see how good it looks, I know the front door and the back door will have to get done as well (they're both the same wood colour).

    I'll post a pic if I get myself moving and do it!!

    Linda. x

  9. I love those quotes, and i'm absolutely with you on the money issue. I'm reading a lot of books about downshifting, something i have been doing for a long time without even knowing my attitude towards money and life had a name!
    And how do you keep your place so neat?? I'm doing a little makeover of my living room area and I think i'll post pictures, so you'll see why I'm asking.
    I noticed the little owl on the doorknob!! So cute.
    Your place look actually nice even with pale walls. I'm a fan of color, but i wouldn't add too much to your walls, or at least not on every wall. But this is the feeling i get from the picture, I know it feels different when you are in the room.
    Meditation,,,practice that. It saved my life.


  10. I think downshifting is great... my mum and I both live in small places. My partner does too (he lives a block or so away in his own unit - lol). When we move in together it will still be somewhere managable. It's so much easier to maintain and keep clean, and just seems 'more free' to me.

    On the neat thing... I get that from my mum. My mum has to be the neatest person on the planet who doesn't have obsessive compulsive disorder!


    Until about 6 or 7 years ago I used to clean along the tops of all the door frames and the actual doors themselves once a week. Yup, once a week. As well as all the skirting boards and window sills... just following my mum I guess.


    She doesn't clean half of what she used to (she's 80 now!!!), and thank goodness neither do I. I'm lucky if I do the tops of the door frames 5 times a year now. BIG improvement for me!

    I'm also known as a good declutterer! I love my displays of affection and collections of favourite things (I'm so NOT a minimalist)... but I'm also good at being ruthless if I have to make space or tidy up.

    My motto... If I don't LOVE it, or USE it... it's OUT!

    Hey, if I donate something to charity or clear stuff out, it makes room for new gorgeous things!

    I don't mind if other people's houses are untidy though. Couldn't care less. People think I'll feel uncomfortable if their place is messy, but I don't in the slightest. It's just the way I need my space around me at home to feel at my best(it's the logical side of my brain taking charge for a bit!).

    The walls.... I like them how pale they are. I agree with you Bobbi, they really don't need to be any darker. My place is small, and lacks light in some rooms, so light walls are good!

    It's just that they're a cold tone rather than a warm one. Ya know how some whites are cold and some whites are warm? My grey walls are 'cold' ones, and I want 'warm' ones!

    I add heaps of colour with my bits and pieces and my red curtains and mats, so I'm happy with that!

    I'd LOVE to see pics of your place and your living room makeover... exciting!

    And, meditation.... yep. I so need to learn how to do it. I really must force myself to keep at it and keep trying. It might help with my insomnia!

    Linda. xox

  11. I"ve so enjoyed this second installment. Your little cards are so colorful and I really like how your display allows for changing them as often as you wish. On a related note, I also like how you lined up three tall bookcases. Unusual, but striking and pretty. Very graphic.

  12. Thanks Minnie!!

    I had to check the 3 bookcases were an equal space apart when I saw the photo here.... it looks like they're not... but they are! Must be the angle of the camera. I'm fussy about 'spacing' so it bugged me to think they looked unevenly spaced - lol.


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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