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A 'Quote Journey' Around My Home... and Two Lovely Blog Friends!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm a huge fan of inspirational quotes, affirmations, and any 'words of wisdom'. I have many books filled with quotes from varying categories (motivational, inspirational, love, work, success, finding peace, harmony, friends, family etc), and I refer to them often.

I also have them plastered around my home on my walls, inside cupboard doors, on room doors, down the sides of my bookcases.... anywhere they'll stay put with a piece of blu tac!

As much as I try to feed my body nourishment through delicious yet healthy food, I try to feed my mind and soul through enlightening and encouraging words of wisdom.

I particularly look towards people I admire for little gems of inspiration.... if a person I admire has given sage advice in a few succinct words or phrases.... I think it's prudent for me to take note. And, if they've come up with some witty and zany remark to make me laugh out loud... that deserves display too!

So, I've decided to take you on a step by step journey of the quotes, wise words, and plain old 'fun' words around my home.

Each week (until I run out), I'll post a pic of one of my quotes (or a few if they're in a group together), and tell you a bit about what it means to me, and where in my home it actually is (yes, I have quotes in my loo!).

Here's my first quote (very dull and dreary outside today.... so pics are a bit darker than I'd like, even with photo editing!).

I found this quote around 3 years ago when I was searching for a card for a close friend.... and immediately loved it. It encapsulated the way I felt about that friend... and made me go all gooey inside! So, I bought 2 of the same card, and gave one to my friend, and kept the other to put on my wall.

I often end up doing this when shopping for cards. I have a box full of cards with beautiful words on them that I keep to rotate in and out of display if I feel like it!

My love for butterflies (you can see my fave butterfly plate in the pic below!) fitted in beautifully as I always have some spare ones hanging around in my little 'decorations box', so they went up around it.

This quote is on the wall in my teeny dining area...... when friends or family visit for a cuppa or a chat around the table, they're the living embodiment of how the quote makes me feel.

Speaking of friends... I'd like to mention 2 lovely ladies who've become very good 'bloggy' friends. They were the first 2 bloggers to start commenting consistently on my blog, and I can't convey in words just how much I appreciated their kind and thoughtful comments.

I often gain extra insight into my own thoughts due to their interesting tidbits of information and personal thoughts on a subject. They've made this whole blogging experience more joyful and enchanting.

Bobbi is a spunky, fabulous, deep feeling, cottage loving, cat adoring, vegetarian, lover of colour, who blogs over at The Lazy Designer. I LOVE Bobbi's wit and sense of humour, and I always look forward to hearing what she's up to. She's in the process of setting up a shop in 'the real world', and she's giving us sneak peeks as it progresses. Plus, Bobbi's in Italy...... sigh...... and she takes glorious photos of her day trips and surroundings.

Nerine is super-seriously-talented at painting, embroidering, and all sorts of crafty things. You can visit her blog here! I love her quirky, whimsical, and charming hand painted pictures of robins and little girls. I love her honesty, authenticity, and willingness to show her projects at various stages of completion. Her blog heading says 'Nerine's Skirts and Other Stuff', and I have to say, her sewing skills are magnificent on more than just skirts.

Thank you ladies for making my world a nicer place and being some of the gardeners helping my soul to blossom! xoxox

Linda. :)


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  1. Oh my goodness...That's the sweetest thing! Thankyou:) xo. I was admiring the butterflies and thinking on Proust's words (so true)when I spotted my name...what a lovely suprise!!
    I have some amazing people in my life and the friendships that have been made blogging are really special...I feel so lucky to have such encouraging and inspiring people around me. What a wonderful thing cyber space has provided!
    OMG sounds like I'm giving a speech,lol.
    But I always love visiting your blog. I feel comfortable here, right at home so to speak. There's always amazing images and terrific and often thought provoking ideas and then there's your lovely and friendly earthiness!
    I've been wanting to do a post on your super great blog....payback,lol:) xoxo

  2. Love words of inspiration! Here is one I spotted the other day :)

  3. Hi Nerine, your are sooooo welcome! You are such a special person and have made my day many times with the lovely comments you leave.

    I am so glad too, that you feel comfortable and 'at home' when you visit here.... that's the highest compliment I feel I can ever hope for. It's what I'm all about in my own home as well! xxxx

    And, no need for payback - lol. You've done way enough with your buttons/links in your sidebar and your help with my cushion comp etc. I'm forever grateful to have found online friends like you.

    Much love.

    Linda. xox

  4. Hey Meghan, you must have been commenting at the same time as me - lol!

    That link is a fantastic one.... great image and quote. Nice blog too. Thanks!

    Linda. xox

  5. I love that quote and the butterflies too.

  6. Hi Linda,
    I love your idea of displaying inspirational quotes around your home! I also collect words of wisdom and write them down in a book and occasionally read through them, but to display them is a much better idea! Thank you for planting something to enrich my soul!

  7. Linda, thank you!!! I don't think I have ever been anyone's soul gardener before, I'm honored. Honestly. I was admiring the arch in your home ( I always wanted to have one in mine) and then I scrolled down and I saw my name...that description you made of me, I think not even my grandmother, who's my biggest supporter, has ever gave me. This blogging thing is giving me nice surprises every day, and it is completely unexpected. As Nerines, I feel "at home" here, it is a warm and welcoming place. If you do this with virtual places i can't imagine what you can do with real homes!!!
    Hundreds of kisses and have the greatest weekend.
    And.of course, i wouldn't be visiting if i didn't Think that you blog is super fabulous and that you are the nicest person!!

  8. Hi Bobbi!!

    You were the very first person to start leaving thoughtful and responsive comments on my blog.....and for that I will be forever grateful. You often give me pause with what you say, give me something to reflect on, or just open my eyes to something new! I LOVE that!!

    Not that every comment has to be involved of course - I'm just always amazed at the little drops of yourself that you sprinkle around - I really adore getting to know you through what you say.

    I just love that you are so naturally and freely supportive of others. I've seen other people mention similar things about you in their comments..... you're a born nurturer (which makes all your cats extremely lucky and happy I'm betting!).

    Thanks again for everything, and your lovely words about feeling warm and welcome, I only wish I could 'open my door for you' for real.

    You and Nerine are both people I treasure. Even though we've not met (and prob never will... although I hold hope), I feel we have already!

    Much love.

    Ciao for now. Happy, happy weekend!!

    Linda. xoxoxox :)

  9. Isn;t the ether grand !

    Linda - wonderful post - so much warmth of spirit and communion with friends (even when you haven't met!) It's no wonder at all that we hang out in this place when this sort of delight is ready to be shone had.

    Have a great weekend, look forward to more quotes and picces - so well thought out :)

  10. never know...I always wanted to travel to Australia! Watch out!! The next face you could see on your front door window next to Jessies's could be mine!! Thanks again Linda!

  11. Hey Lee, thank you so much for those wonderfully kind words. :) It's been so amazing to meet other bloggers and find out about the real sense of 'community' that gets created when you really open yourself up to taking part in it!

    Congrats on your new specialised blog for your flowers too, I thought it looked brilliant when I visited the other day. My mum always wanted to be a florist... and when I look at your flower arrangements I think how much my mum would LOVE them!

    Hehehe Bobbi!! That would be fab!!! I look forward to the surprise - LOL!

    Linda. xx

  12. What a great idea. I used to keep a book of favourite quotes when I was at high school. I might just go and revisit what the adolescent me was interested in. Stopping by (again) from BYW.

  13. Hi Libby, thanks for stopping by!! And, thank you again for the help you've given me as part of BYW and fiddling around with changing my headings etc. It was much appreciated and I'm chuffed with how it looks!

    It would be great fun to go back and check out your old favourite quotes.... I'll bet you'll find some interesting stuff!

    Linda. xox

  14. Linda,

    First off, I must say how much I love your display of the quote with the butterflies. So pretty and imaginative. I collect quotes too but in a notebook and not nearly as avidly as you do! What I do have a lot on my walls is letters. Letters everywhere and sometimes I wonder if I've gone overboard, so I had to chuckle imagining myself seeing your home for the first time and seeing a quote everywhere I turned. Anyway, what a great idea for a series of posts. Can't wait to see what other quotes you have in store for us.

    Also, you are one busy lady! It hasn't been long since I last visited and I see several posts up already! I see you are not beset by writer's block and that is a great thing.

  15. Aaaahh Minnie.... letters.... yep, love them! Some of my quotes and words are made up out of my scrapbooking letters and stuck on the wall because I just love playing with my letters!!

    I remember one day I spent about an hour trying to figure out what words I could make to go on my pantry door with the scrapbooking letters I had on hand. In the end it got tagged with 'My Supplies!' LOL! But I loved using my letters!

    I think one day I'm just going to make a whole wall of random letters of all sizes and different shapes - wouldn't that be fab!

    There's some great letters on Etsy I have my eye on in Little White Dog's shop.... wonderful things letters!

    Glad you like the idea for the quote series!

    I can't wait to see how that book carousel turns out over at your fab blog!

    Linda. xox


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Linda. xx

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