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A Quote Journey Around My Home - Part 5 - Favourite Verse

This is Part 5 of the 'quote journey' I've been taking with you over the last several weeks! You can see the other instalments at the bottom of this post.

This week we're at the end of our 'dining/kitchen' quotes. These ones are at the very end of the kitchen over the stove, and are mainly 'verse' rather than quotes. You can see them waaaay at the end in the pic below!

Now, let's get a bit closer.....

And, a bit closer.....

And, a bit closer!

This first one has a verse on it entitled 'Be A Winner'.

The text is still a bit small in the pic, so here it is:

Everyone's a winner,
If that is what they choose,
Unless their choice is something else,
Then of course they lose.

Winners always have ideas,
While losers fix the blame,
The two might seem to be alike,
They sure don't think the same.

All winners have a dream,
Of what they want to do,
Then plan their life to reach their goal,
And make their dreams come true.

Losers see a problem,
In every good idea,
All a winner sees, is another chance,
To further their career.

This was part of a calendar I had years and years ago, and I loved this verse and the next one below so much, I kept them and popped them into frames.

I love this verse, and once again it talks about 'planning' being an important part of creating the life of your dreams. I keep a manageable list of monthly, and yearly goals in 4 main areas of my life (home, relationships, work, and personal), and try to review them regularly.

The personal part includes things like exercise, general health, diet, leisure activities, things I'd like to 'have-a-go' at etc. I have to admit I've been pretty slack at it lately, so I must try and get back to it.... there'll be a few I've achieved, and a heap more to add - lol!

My daily and weekly lists of things 'to do' tend to be way more haphazard, and I travel with several 'post it' note pads where things get scribbled and stuck in various places! Then they just get removed and chucked in the bin when I've done them. (Or more often, carried over to the next day/week and stuck somewhere prominent so I get to them).

This last one is another one of my trusty greeting cards! The text reads 'do not go where the path may lead'....

And, the text on the inside used to say (before I cut the other part of the card off).... 'go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail'.

It's a quote by one of my favourites Ralph Waldo Emerson, and describes a big part of my philosophy in relation to design and other things besides! I don't feel the need to keep up with trends, or arrange my home in a way that's pandering to what others would find beautiful.

I create my home to be a soul haven for myself. A place to nurture, support, and nourish me emotionally, physically, and mentally.

And, because the people who come to visit me are my friends and family, and they love me just as I am, then by default, if my home is decorated as an extension of my true self, they're going to love it too! It mightn't be how they'd decorate their own homes, but they feel comfortable, at ease, and happy here because they feel comfortable, at ease, and happy when they're with me! It's like they're getting me multiplied!

I don't think I've had many people walk into one of my homes for the first time who haven't spontaneously commented about how wonderful it feels, or how 'warm and welcoming' it is. The vibe and 'feeling' is something not communicated completely by any pictures I might show you here. It's an invisible and yet completely identifiable part of my home that seems to occur kinda 'organically'.

For a bit of fun, on my other adjoining wall, you can see I've got the words 'yum, yum!' It is a kitchen after all..... and most of the time I don't do too badly in the food department!

I hope you enjoyed this week's part of the journey. Next week we'll have a look at some of the quotes in my living area.

Linda. xox


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  1. I enjoyed the quote journey. I too have quotes throughout my home. Would you mind if I take this idea and share a few in a post on my blog?

  2. Of course you can Marianne - no probs at all!! I think you'd probably really like the 'soul gardener' quote in Part 1 too, it's a beautiful quote.

    Linda. xox

  3. Oh I agree with everything you said here, Linda. When I worked in the funiture store as a designer I was always trying to understand people's personality to have them have a house that truly belonged to them. Very often people would come and ask for this and that style only because they saw it on a magazine, but if i could tell there was no relation I tried to talk them through it and convinced to have something different. So many times people woh didn't listen came back to have everything changed. You have to look around your space and see yourself and the things you love all around, or you won't feel at home. Once I had a customer who was a real bookworm but in the new house wanted to go with a minimal style. After three months in an empty minimal house he came back to have bookshelves added in every room!
    And Ralph Waldo Emerson...yay!!

  4. You home is so lovely and happy. The quote journey is a lovely positive tour to be taken on ... thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    I can certainly sense that 'warm and welcoming' atmosphere you describe ... it must be hard for you to get your guests to leave! ;)

  5. Oh that poor man Bobbi, I bet he felt bereft for those 3 months. It's like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole... we are what we are, and our heart and soul like what they like with no thought for 'keeping up with trends'. It's our ego and brain that try and persuade us that 'what's in' is what we *should* have.

    Thanks so much Tracey. :) :)

    Linda. xx


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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