Wednesday, November 17

When Did You Last Do This? And, A Recipe For Raspberry Crumb Brownie Bars...

Remember when you were little and your mum let you lick the spoon after she'd finished making the cake mix, or the icing? Or, even better, you'd get to run your finger around the mixing bowl and scoop up the left over mix into your mouth?

Gawd I used to love that.

Nothing like 'hands on' eating!

My mum made (and still makes) the best cup-cakes in the world. Back then, we called them 'fairy cakes', and sticking my finger in the bowl and scooping up bits of that mixture, and then the yummy icing later on from another bowl was just heaven.

So....... when was the last time YOU licked the spoon, or scooped up mixture out of a bowl?

I found this yummy recipe for Raspberry Crumb Brownie Bars a while back, and the pic with the spoon covered in raspberry sauce just got me to thinking....... geez it was such a simple and pure joy to 'lick the spoon'!

About time I did it again.

Check out this page on The Noshery for the whole recipe.

All I can say is..... MMMmmmm!

Linda. xox



  1. I always lick the spoon. It is nice to be not so grown up all the time. Charmaine

  2. Yep I remember :) I loved it too! Now I get to give my kids the same joy, I give them a beater each or a spoon each (shh dont tell them but now I get the bowl lol)

  3. I used to get the bowl and my mom the spoon. I loved to run my finger in the bowl and then stick it in the mouth. My mom always let more than then she was supposed to in the bowl so I could have it. Mhmhmmh, now I need to bake a cake!!

  4. Yeo and bad thing is I still do it. If my kids are lucky there is some left for them! Ha!


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