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A New York City Townhouse by Dufner Heighes Inc...

Houzz is a great site to browse when you're looking for some 'beautiful room' inspiration, and I came across this fabulous New York City apartment the other day whilst wandering through some contemporary living rooms waiting for a 'certain something' to strike me!

It was this gorgeous living room that took my eye first.... the colours in that artwork just set everything off brilliantly, and I love the wallpaper, the cushions, and the overall palette.

living room contemporary living room

living room contemporary living room

But then, I took a look through the rest of the apartment, and.... wow! I think it's just gorgeous. The serene colours on the walls, the map wall and porthole corkboard in the child's room, the great outdoor areas, the light flooding in, the beautiful furniture.

family room modern family room

dining room contemporary dining room

kids bedroom modern kids

roof top terrace modern patio

closet contemporary bedroom

master bedroom contemporary bedroom

bedroom contemporary bedroom

garden contemporary patio

kitchen contemporary kitchen

roof top modern family room

I could definitely live here, although I'd probably end up with a few more touches of red here and there - lol! I must say though, they've got a few lovely pops of red, rust, or pink in most of the rooms, and everything is balanced beautifully.

All images from Dufner Heighes Inc's Portfolio on Houzz.

Linda. xox


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  1. This is so beautiful. Imagine coming home after a hard day at the famous NYC rat race to this haven of peace and beauty? That would definitely make it all worth while.

  2. Hello Linda, have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy your blog?
    This apartment is full of ideas. I love the map wallpaper. I know it's been done before but in this setting the blue wall plays so well with the light toned furniture.
    I also want to thank you for your post about the happy tree and critters. You know I have to have that owl ! and maybe the cute birdies too.

    Have a great day !

  3. This really a wonderful place. I could live here too. we could share. You can take the room with the map, I can sleep outside. I always wanted to have a balcony with a wooden floor, to get the feeling I'm on a boat. Wow. And what about those gigantic windows? I love houses full of light.
    Great choice.

  4. gosh isnt it lovely! and very liveable,you know what I mean? Not so magazine like that you couldnt put a single thing out of place. I love, love the coffee table! Iwondr what that is on the walls in the lounge room, kinda looks like barnacles. The map wall is great too, my sister would love that, she s a map freak like you :)

  5. I certainly can Ann, it would be such a haven wouldn't it!

    Marianne, thanks so much for your lovely compliment! :) I know how much you love all woodland critters - glad you saw that post!

    Bobbi, I don't think I'd mind sleeping outside on that patio either if the weather was nice, gently warm, with a lovely soft breeze. It would be gorgeous. I do love the map wall though... just awesome from my point of view. But, I love the main bedroom too, especially the little touches of outdoors in the lovely artworks and the chunky wooden side table. (The bed aint bad either).

    Bec, what a great way of describing them, I'd never have thought of that. Barnacles - yes!! On the site it calls them modern sculptures from memory - interesting choice for the wall.

    And that coffee table just looks so... I don't know... organic. As if it grew out of the floor or something. It's magnificent. Although, being the clean freak I am, I'd have to 'let go' the urge to try and dust the underneath part too often. It would be a bit tricky - lol!

    I do love the way different textures are represented throughout the whole house. It really attracts me in that respect.

    Linda. xx

  6. love that first room- looks so warm and inviting! :)


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