Friday, October 29

Wall Art With A Painted Black Backdrop... And Upcoming News...

How great does this wall art look displayed on this painted black background!?

Great idea, and so simple.

The collection of art itself is also lovely, and of course.... I really love the splashes of red on the wall and in the room. I have three red lamps in my own living room, not to mention red curtains. :) The red curtains in this pic look yummy - just my type.

The red doily is more the type of red I don't use much of (orange tones), I prefer reds with blue undertones.

Happy weekend everyone!

I hope you find something blissful to do, and get spoiled just a little bit (or a lot).

Linda. xox

P.S: There's some exciting things coming up next week...

  • First, I'm hosting a special guest post by Magpie Girl author Rachelle Mee-Chapman, who's going to be answering my question 'How do you go about creating a home that nurtures, nourishes, and supports you mentally, spiritually, and physically?' as part of her 30 Stories in 30 Days series.

    I'm so excited to be part of this wonderful series put together by Rachelle. I've been a follower of her blog for some time (she's down there on my blog roll under 'Creativity and Soul Food), and I also receive her fab newsletters.

  • Secondly, October will be over shortly, so it's Lovely Links time again! Early next week I'll put up the Lovely Links post so you can all link up and show off your blogs.

    This time, I thought rather than just getting you to link up your favourite post for the past month, I might actually pick a topic for us all to work with..... and, as I've been feeling very 'bookish' over the last week or so, I've picked 'A Bevy Of Bookcases' as the topic name.

    So, if you've got a bookcase.... big or small, old or new... I'd LOVE it if you took a picture of it and got ready to link it up in a post next week. I'll let you know which day early next week.

  • Thirdly (phew, this is the longest P.S. known to man), it'll also be time for the latest Year Of The Hobbit give-away towards the end of next week. So, if you'd love to win a copy of The Hobbit, or know someone else who would, I'd really appreciate it if you join in the fun!

Now I really am finished. :)



  1. I love dark walls with collections. Everything you hang on a dark wall seems to gain value! You need to have a bright room, i couldn't do it: I love my cottage but it's missing natural light. It's the classic old and dark house. I like the dark frames too, so it's all about the content, it really stands out.

    Have a fab week end Linda.

    can't wait for next week special guest!

  2. I love this! You and I are on the same page with the black and white thing, I adore black! XX!

  3. Oh, so many exciting times ahead! :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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