Wednesday, May 5

Gimme 5 - Five Questions To Ask Yourself Today...

Read these quotes first.......

and then.....

Ask yourself: When was the last time I...

  • Made something beautiful?
  • Got out of my comfort zone?
  • Did something for the first time?
  • Was bold and daring?
  • Experimented curiously?
Which leads to: 'Which of the above things can I do today that will contribute to the vibe, essence, and personality of my home? What can I try that I might never have dared try before?'

Because: Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zones before we're opened up to new ideas and new joys. Things that were once invisible or seemed out of reach can become possible if we only take a breath, muster up our courage, and try.

So why not investigate a new colour? Experiment with some bold wallpaper? Introduce some audacious accessories? Glam up some furniture with gloss paint? You never know what delights you may discover!

Gorgeous wallpaper from Thibaut!



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  1. Boldness be my friend...There is always so much to achieve when you try something new and a bit scary. I used to be very afraid of everything, especially people's judgement: one day something clicked inside of me, and I began to be really bold. Strong decision and moves in my life, strong and glossy colors in my house and my designs...and it was worth it.

  2. What a wonderful comment - thank you Bobbi! I am so glad you got to the point where you opened up to the 'real' you! I also used to worry far too much about what other people thought, and like you, I came to a point where I finally seemed to evolve and feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and with my own choices. I'm not such a 'people pleaser' anymore. I still love to help people and do good things, but I also take care of myself and have learned the art of saying 'no' when I really need to!! And if I want to have my home decorated in a way that's a bit zany to others then by gosh... I'm going to! (And others usually end up loving it anyway because it's the true reflection of me!!)

    Linda. xox

  3. Great words of wisdom. It's always good to have a reminder not to get sucked into a rut.

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  5. Hi Catherine, so nice to *meet* you! I just had a look at your fab website and its amazing and gorgeous contemporary homewares! Wow! Some great things you have. I'm a cushion fanatic and I love the stripey ones with Love and Peace on them. And I have to say the doormat with 'Oh no, not you again!' on it really made me chuckle!


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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