Sunday, May 2

A Workspace That's Inspiring And Super Organised!!

Today I'm visiting with Sharilyn of Lovely Design.

Sharilyn creates beautiful things out of paper, and has a truly inspiring work space to do it in.

This is one super-duper organised lady! The way she keeps everything ship shape and in its own little place is admirable. Her studio space is filled with natural light, spacious, and even (be still my beating heart) has some tree wallpaper in it that plays to my fascination with trees, leaves, and acorns!

Sharilyn made the lovely boxes below to use for drawer organisation! They can be made to the precise measurements needed to fit into each drawer and hold specific things or groups of things. They'd look great in a drawer with a plate in each one to hold different pieces of jewellery!

If you'd like to try your own hand at making these boxes, follow Sharilyn's pattern and instructions for 'the perfect' box.

Whatever she needs to organise.... Sharilyn makes up something to take care of the situation!

Sharilyn's workspace was featured on Apartment Therapy, along with an interview and some organising tips, so click over and visit!

Ask yourself: 'Is my workspace organised effeciently to meet my needs?'

Which leads to: 'What can I do to make my workspace more workable and flexible?'

Because: Our workspaces need to be not only inspiring, but functional as well!



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  1. wow, what a nice place. Everything look so neat and the light is amazing.
    I wish I had a workspace like that...
    And I love the cat. My cats are always sitting in front of my Mac too...

  2. Oh wow! Such a lovely organized space. It's gorgeous!

  3. That IS organized! I scrapbookers dream office!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets


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