Saturday, August 22

Curiosity, A Cat, And New Wallpaper...!

I have a beautiful and inspiring book by Ruth Ostrow called 'The Gift', and in it she writes about curiosity and her cat.....

'They say curiosity killed the cat as a way of dissuading us from our adventures and misadventures. But curiosity is an essential gift for helping survive life.

My Persian cat was recently discovered in a kitchen drawer. He jumped in when I wasn't looking and I closed the drawer by mistake. It was only by pure accident that I heard him scratching or he would have suffocated.

After the incident I observed him gazing at the drawer from the safety of the ground with new found respect.

From our explorations we learn two important things - where to go in life and where not to go. What better way to glean wisdom?'


I happened to be reading this lovely book again today and was pleased to be reminded of this entry.... you see... I'm very curious at the moment.


What I'm curious about is how my bedroom would look with the wall behind the bed papered in wallpaper much the same as the one in the picture above. (Picture of bedroom thanks to Canadian House and Home).

I love it.

But, wallpaper is a bit more of a committment than paint! I've stripped a few walls in my time, although modern wallpaper is easier than some of the older stuff I've had to tear off piece by little infuriating piece.

So after reading that page today I reminded myself that curiosity doesn't always kill the cat, and I've enough respect for wallpaper to choose carefully before I put it up there.

Either way - I'll definitely 'glean some wisdom'!

Ask yourself: 'Is there anything I'm curious about trying in my home?'

Which leads to: 'When do I think I might take a deep breath and give it a go?'

Because: Unless you're knocking down walls, or installing a new kitchen/bathroom, most things can be put back they way they were relatively easily if your curiosity proves to be folly! Go on - be bold!



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