Thursday, May 6

A Dreamy, Breezy, Fresh Bedroom....

This bedroom is just so fresh, breezy, dreamy and feminine! Completely gorgeous! Imagine a soft, warm breeze floating through those lovely french doors on a blossomy Spring day!


Image via the wonderful House Of Turquoise and the Bohemia Collection at BHS.



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  1. Ohhh, I adore torquoise!! And floral patterns! in this bedroom sleeps a single, very confident, very positive and feminine girl. Love it!!

  2. ...and I might add, well lit! :)

  3. Gosh I never get tired of that room...I love every single inch of it!

    Thanks for the link-love! :)

  4. ahhhh, this literally makes me relax just looking at it. so refreshing and inviting! i would love to escape to a bedroom like this - makes me desperately want to re-vamp my own room!

  5. Me too Bobbi, and I know Erin does for sure!

    Lol Todd - it certainly is photographed beautifully isn't it! I'm just venturing into the world of photography and finding out about how well lit things need to be to look good.

    You're welcome Erin, there are always so many beautiful images over at The House of Turquoise!

    Hi Julie, I'm still thinking about the butterfly cushion I saw over on your Belle Maison the other day in your great post about burlap!

  6. Take me away to this bedroom! This is the perfect place to spend a lazy Saturday. Love the colors and boho patterns, too.

    Have a Great Weekend!

  7. Hi and thanks Kelly, hope you have a great weekend too! Love your Color Sizzle blog. Nice to *meet* you!

    Linda. x :)


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