Monday, August 31

Be Good To Yourself And The Rest Will Follow...

Be Good To Yourself:

Be yourself - truthfully.
Accept yourself - gratefully.
Value yourself - joyfully.
Forgive yourself - completely.
Treat yourself - generously.
Balance yourself - harmoniously.
Bless yourself - abundantly.
Trust yourself - confidently.
Love yourself - wholeheartedly.
Empower yourself - confidently.
Give yourself - enthusiastically.
Express yourself - radiantly.

~ Anon ~

Ask yourself: 'Am I good to myself?'

Which leads to: 'How can I create a home that supports and nurtures me along my journey to myself?'

Because: Your home is not merely four walls and a roof to shelter beneath. It is more... so much more... and it can enable you in ways you've not dreamed of.

Express yourself within your home.

Surround yourself with colours and items of significance that will inspire, motivate, and cradle you.

Your home is your sanctuary, your place to heal and grow, your place to revel in the real YOU!



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