Monday, September 28

September In Seven Snapshots....

As 7 is my lucky number, I've decided when I do a 'round-up' of posts at the end of each month, I'll choose the 7 most popular ones and give you a 'snapshot' of what they were about in case you missed them!

Here goes... click through on each title to read/see more about them...

Snapshot 1:

What've Two Fields Of Wheat Got To Do With Interior Design? A post about how our early memories connect to the way we design our interiors.

Snapshot 2:

Where Did The Music Go? Alternatively Titled - Hugh Grant And I Have Something In Common With Our Bottoms. All about the difference music makes to a home's atmosphere and some great tracks to listen to.

Snapshot 3:

The Simple Perfection Of Poppies And Why My Jaw Dropped In Admiration! Lovely images of poppies with 4 astounding photos of a poppy opening up in sequence. (Image from Easy Art)

Snapshot 4:

Suzy Chiazzari Thinks No Home Should Be Without These. Do You Agree? Is Yours? A post about books and home libraries. Over 20 pics and ideas of how to display your books at home. (Image from Remodeling Center)

Snapshot 5:

Heather Bailey's Colourful And Inspiring Studio... A Soul Nourishing And Inspiring Space. Take a look at a workspace we can only dream about. What a beautiful place to create! (Image from Heather Bailey Store)

Snapshot 6:

I've Gotta Thing For.... Butterflies. A post about the reasons behind my fascination with butterflies and some gorgeous pics of decorating ideas related to butterfly images. (Image from Irene Suchocki)

Snapshot 7:

Have You 'Gotta Thing' For Maps And Globes? I Do! Over 20 pics of maps and globes used in different ways in different interiors.



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