Tuesday, September 29

September Showcase Snapshots... Allison Trentelman and Lauren Perkins

September brought the chance to feature two lovely artists.... Allison Trentleman of Rocky Top Studios, and Lauren Perkins.

Allison is a photographer extraordinaire, and sells her work on Etsy. Lauren is an Australian Artist who paints dreamy, whimsical, feminine paintings.

Before September leaves us and two new Showcase identities are featured, here's some 'snapshot' links to revisit their posts!

Snapshot 1:

An Interlude With Allison Trentelman Of Rocky Top Studios. Allison produces fine photographic artwork from the coast of Maine. Her meticulous work brings the magic, mystery, and stunning ruggedness of the Maine coast alive, and into our interiors. And, her beautiful closeups of botanicals and animals are astounding.

Snapshot 2:

An Interview With Australian Artist Lauren Perkins. Lauren's work is largely influenced by her life, memories, and imagination. Closing her eyes, she'll often be inspired by how she wants each painting to feel, rather than working directly from real life images.

Stay tuned for October's featured Showcase Artists!



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