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Have You 'Gotta Thing' For Maps And Globes? I Do!

When I was younger and I wasn't stuck up a tree, riding my bike, or playing with the kids down the road, I inevitably had my nose in a book!

I used to love fantasy stories... ones where the main characters were on a quest in some foreign land or kindgom against all types of insurmountable odds and good always triumphed over evil!

Sometimes this did simultaneously involve being up a tree reading, but most of the time it was tucked away in the bookcase corner of my room, lying on the rug beside my bed....

....In my own little corner of the world, traveling in my mind to corners of worlds I'd never see anywhere but in my imagination.

And my 3 favourite books or series were...

  • The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe followed by the rest of the Narnia books.
  • The Hobbit (followed in grade 6 by The Lord of The Rings).
  • The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.
All of these books had maps inside the front cover.

Map of  'The Edge' from the Weirdstone Of Brisingamen

You could track the path of your characters, mull over the courses they should take, and journey in your mind across the ground they must have traversed. Awe inspiring stuff for a kid in a bedroom.

I even had a poster of Middle Earth on my walls for ages, right into my late teenage years, I loved it so much.

Map from The Hobbit via Scribd.

And curiously, now that I'm all grown up (for the most part), I've gotta thing about maps and globes.

Whenever I'm out anywhere and I see a map or a world globe, I HAVE to stop and take a look. Here's the thing though.... I don't like the normal old blue globes so much, the ones I like have that tea-stained, old paper, more black and white kind of look with a tinge of colour..... just like those maps in my favourite books used to be like.


For years I coveted a globe. Everytime I saw one the right colour I drooled over it. But only late last year did I find a beautiful small globe on a wooden stand, perfectly tinged in the right tea stained tones! It cost me $14 at the Sunday Trash and Treasure market here in Ballarat, and I love it. It sits on my bookshelf in the living room, and I admire it often.

A bigger globe would cost the earth (pun intended), and take up lots of space, and my smaller globe fills my 'globe' void just fine for the time being.

But in celebration of maps and globes, here's a few more for fun!

Bathroom wall mural.

A chair covered in maps!

Globes in the corner.

Framed maps and free standing globe.

Framed map well chosen for its colours!

Serious globe collection (getting too crowded up there!)
and nice framed map!

National Geographic Globe.
Priced around $7999.00!

Map cushions!

Nice little globe in my colours!

Map plate from Ralph Lauren.

Map in children's room.

Map drawers.

Large framed map.

Decorative globes in a basket.

London Underground Cushion Map.

The whole world and the whole wall!

Map lampshade.

Globes as room dividers!

40's London Map Bowl.

The globe painting reflects the globes on display!

Nice globes against that wall!

If you like blue and green, this room's a great one!

This is the interior of a yacht! They can map
where they're going while they travel!

Map light.

Whoa.... walls, ceiling, and blind!
A bit too much I think!

Very mod and sleek.

A globe turned into a light fitting.

Love this one! There's a map on the pillow too!

And this one.

A globe and a view!

Another very distinct memory from my primary school days involving maps is a game we used to play.

Our school was lucky enough to have this enormous world map painted onto the concrete in our main play area. It was huge, about two thirds the size of a basketball court. We used to line up in two teams along opposing edges of the map. Each member of each team would be numbered from 1 to 8 (we only had 16 kids in the upper school - about 30 in the whole school altogether!!), and the teacher would call out a number and a country. The first person (the same number from both teams) to run and stand on that country scored a point for their team.

I loved that game.


I was good at geography, and a fast runner, so I got to win at something!

Another great 'map memory'.

Ask yourself: 'What is it that I've 'gotta thing' for? What is it I'm really drawn to?'

Which leads to: Have you included artwork, furniture, objects, or other decor items that feature this 'thing' within your home?

Because: The things we're drawn to are always the things we love the most, and the ones that make our atmosphere magical to us.

It's Hooked On Friday's over at Julia's Hooked On Houses! Head on over and see what other people are 'hooked on' this week!



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  1. Im with you... maps are the coolest things to decorate with. I dont know why but i think in a commode (potty room) is one of the best places... heck we all sit there...and this could give us something to THINK about :)

    If you have a moment, stop by and say hi! I would love to have you.

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  2. Hi Claudia!

    I always have something interesting in there to look at! At the moment it's a framed certificate of the meaning of my family name, crest of arms etc!

    Thanks for visiting! On my way over to your blog now!

    Linda. :)

  3. I love this post!! I have a bit of a thing for globes -- just have a couple in the house, though. One is a cool glass globe, the other is a small vintage globe on a wood stand.

    Michelle at A Schematic Life has a map on the wall behind her bed. You should check it out, I think you'll like it :-) In fact, she wrote an entire post about maps:

    Map It Out

    Thanks for visiting colourful Nova Scotia with me -- it's such a beautiful place :-) I feel sad for Ruth too, but she's such a happy & positive lady :-)


  4. Hi Kelly!

    Thanks for that link, just went and checked it out - fantastic! I loved the lampshade and the Ethan Allen prints. Also the map behind the bed. Thanks!

    Linda. x :)

  5. I LOVE maps!!! I keep meaning to buy a BIG one from IKEA... hmmmm... I wonder if they still sell them! They are a GREAT piece of art for the wall!!!

  6. I love maps too. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures. I especially love the chair covered in maps and the cushions. I'm drooling!

  7. Hi Fifi! Nice to *meet* you! Thanks for dropping by. Off to visit your blog now. :)

    Linda. :)

  8. Cool use of maps and love the globes!

    Mary @ Vintage Comfort

  9. I love the collection of maps you shared. I worked in an office years ago that had a wall with a wallpapered map on it. At the time it seemed odd, but we all had fun with it. I love the vintage framed maps.

  10. I have loved maps since I was old enough to know what one was. We used to have a map of the world puzzle in my Montessori school. Each piece was a country and you had to figure out where it fit on the map. Fun!

    My favorite is the navigation chart wallpaper second from the bottom. I'd love to live in that room! :)

  11. Hi Everyone and thanks for visiting!

    Leanne, I love cushions... love them. Was very happy when I saw those cushion pics!

    Hi Mary and Shannon! Your old office sounded like fun Shannon.

    Todd, I like that one too... in fact I like all of Steven Gambrel's work, great designer!

    And you went to a Montessori school, lucky duck! When I trained as a primary school teacher many, many years ago I did a tour of a Montessori school in Melbourne and loved it, great 'hands on' stuff!

    Linda. :)

  12. Wow, so many ways of using these, great inspiration! Thanks for the links to some cool suppliers, too.

  13. Great post and pictures!!
    I also have a thing for maps...just like they are or in the interior. There's always something alluring about them, as if you'll be on your way to see what lies beyond that horizon any minute!

  14. That is just glorious!! I love maps too and oh my goodness, I really can't decide which is my favourite picture. I would lose the bookcase but other wise I quite like that crowded globe collection, love the map cushions, the feature walls...aaahhh, I can't look any more. xo

  15. Yay for maps! Looks like there are a few of geeks about :)
    I like those ordinance maps you get in the UK - ruins, castles, forts etc.
    You've provided so many deco options - how to decide which i like best !
    When I get paid to work I make maps - but none as pretty as all these.

  16. My sister and I also have a thing for maps (especially inside books!).

    Recently we discovered the prints of Famille Summerbelle - who combine our love for paper art with maps!

  17. Didnt know I had a thing for maps until I saw this GORG post :)

  18. this is one of my ALL-TIME fave posts i have stumbled upon!! i am your newest follower and will probably be spreading many of these images (giving credit to you, of course).
    happy friday!

  19. Hi Linda!! I'm from West Loop Lofts,Its my first time to be here,like you I'm also in love on fantasy stories like fairies and i have noticed your really addicted to maps.

  20. Hi Linda, I absolutely love this site!!! And one of my favourite things ever is a small green Murano glass globe I got in Venice when backpacking around Europe two years ago with hubby and teenage time ever! Lots of memories, and photos and souvenirs to decorate our home.

  21. Love your selections! Here are some I love:








I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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