Monday, September 14

The Simple Perfection Of Poppies And Why My Jaw Dropped In Admiration...

I'm feeling very 'flowery' today.... the sun is out (Spring here in Australia), the air is warm and soft, and the day is simply glorious. I could stretch like a cat and soak up the sun for hours in a beautiful spot.

And, after finding a simply stunning set of photos last night (you'll see some of them later) whilst browsing online, the day and the photos have combined to inspire this post about poppies!

Did you know poppies are associated with beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and eternal life? The Egyptians included poppies at funerals and in burial tombs. The Greeks used poppies in the shrines of Demeter, goddess of fertility, and Diana, goddess of the hunt.

Poppies denote sleep, rest and repose.

In modern times, poppies have been associated with Flanders fields as an emblem of those who died in World War I.

Poppies are stunning simplicity at its best.

Perfect to beautifully grace any table, mantel, or place of display.

Here are some lovely prints, paintings, and photos of poppies.......

Pink Poppy via Knit Spot

And, saving the best for last...... here's 4 photos from a series of 9 photos titled 'The Birth Of A Poppy' over at the Concrete and Honey blog.

When I saw these last night my jaw seriously dropped, my eyebrows went up, and I put down the glass of lemonade I was sipping on to lean in and get a better look.

What amazing photographs these are!


Taken over a time period of 30 minutes, the series of 9 photos is a detailed study of perfection.

The soft hairy green outer covering, the beautifully rumpled shell pink petals, the splash of brighter green and yellow..... nature truly does afford us masterpieces if we know where to look.

Many more gorgeous photos are to be found at Concrete and Honey, so after looking at the rest of the amazing poppy photos, why not browse a bit more.

Also, over at It's Great To Be Home you'll find some other great things to be inspired by this lovely Tuesday, so join in the Blog Party and have some fun!



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  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Linda. You've got a great eye for beauty. These shots are stunning.

  2. Hi Todd!

    Thanks for your kind words! :)

    They are gorgeous aren't they. All the photography on the Concrete and Honey blog is so fresh and beautifully styled.

  3. Poppies are stunning, aren't they? I think the first time I saw them was in Pike's Market in Seattle, and I've loved them ever since. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images!

  4. Hi Liz!

    It's lovely to meet you.

    I really enjoyed your blog today and the way the room finally looked! Those pictures were impressive and the final changes really made a difference.

    Thanks for the blog party opportunity.

    Linda. :)


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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