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An Interesting Question - No. 3

Time for another of our 'interesting questions'.

You can find Question 1 and Question 2 here.

Here's Question Number Three:

If you had to leave your home, and could only take 5 items/objects with you, what would they be? (Not including important documentation, money, jewellery, clothes, and photos).

Take your time and reflect carefully.

Now, think about what you said.

What did you choose?

A favourite statue given to you by a friend? Something that was handed down to you as a family heirloom? Your favourite painting or print from the wall? Some little sentimental objects that have special meaning to you? An old book you've had since you were little? Pictures the children drew or painted? A favourite wedding present? Some china that used to be your mothers? The stamp collection you inherited from your grandpa? A favourite piece of furniture?

Image via Posy (flickr).

Whatever the 5 things were....... would they be easy to get to, or were they locked away in a cupboard somewhere for safe keeping? Or, forgotten at the back of a shelf or hidden in a box or the basement?

The things we really love, and the things that are most important to us should be on display where we can see them and enjoy our connection with them every day.

One of my favourite quotes is this....

'Don't save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is a special occasion'. ~ Anon ~

Too true.

We often get lost in the every day hurly burly of life and fail to be thankful for how lucky, special, and wonderful it is to be alive.

Don't save the heirloom china for a special occasion, use it whenever you feel the need to be uplifted and want to consciously enjoy and savour a meal.

Don't lock expensive statues or antique ornaments away where they can't be seen in case they get broken. If you love them, get them out on display where you can see their beauty every day. If you're really scared they'll get broken, invest in a beautiful display cabinet where you can put them behind glass and still connect with them.

Display of vintage teacups.

Make that special piece of furniture the focal point of a room so it receives the love and attention it deserves.

Create a designated space to display items of importance to you. Somewhere you can feel their presence and give them the respect due their significance.

Ask yourself: 'Are the 5 things I chose woven into my interiors in a way that gives them the attention they deserve?'

Which leads to: If not, is there some way you could work these items into your home's interior design so you can experience the vibe and connection this will create?

Because: Your home should be a celebration of everything important to you.... it's your special place to enjoy what really matters to you.



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  1. hmmm, Most of my five came from the sewing room. Food for thought.

  2. You can prob see anything in there each day already because you use those things so often!! The workspace of Heather Bailey (did a post on her a little while back) was a great space for showing off the things she loved to have around..... she sews gorgeous things like you do.

    Linda. x

  3. Great thoughts, Linda. I find this to be true when writing my newsletter too. It's easy to think I should hold the best photos or thoughts for a rainy day, but every time I put my best work out, I find I create even better work next time. "Don't leave tbe best china in the cupboard!" :)

  4. That is a really great way of looking at it Todd.... too true. It transfers across to the things we do in life as well! :)

  5. Linda, I love this and look forward to reflecting on what those 5 things will be. I think most are out in view,.. but it also encourages me to buy a few more things on purpose for the joy of celebrating what I love, and keeping promises to myself when I do plan to get something I really want and have worked hard to purchase that item ;).. thanks for sharing! I love the quote.. by Anon also! gorgeous!
    your blog is such a lovely place, I can almost feel the fireplace warmth and the crackling fire.. ;) hugs, Jenn


I'm very grateful for your participation.

Until next time may your home be full of lots of love, laughter, and life!

Linda. xx

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