Wednesday, June 23

1 Simple Thing - What Can I Do With The Space Under The Stairs?

Here's one simple thing you can do.... use it to create a 'day bed' area. A lovely little space to cocoon yourself with a good book and hide away from people's comings and goings (whilst still hearing/glimpsing them go by!!)

Great idea I think! I'd love sequestering myself under there, feeling like I had my own little almost hidden space, and yet still knowing when people come and go!

It kinda reminds me of the big old tree I used to climb in our back yard when I was a child. I'd stay up there for hours and watch everyone through the branches as they went about their business not knowing I could see them coming and going (a bit more secretive than the daybed above).

So cool! (I had ambitions of being a 'spy' when I was young!)

And, of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't note the nice cushions too. :)

Linda. xox

Snippets - What have you 'gotta thing' for? I've 'gotta thing' for:

Owls (getting right to the heart of things)
Trees, Leaves and Acorns (where it all began... perhaps)
Butterflies (memories are so important)
Maps and Globes (brilliant collection of pics)
Books (great photos in this post)
The Colour Red (it's my 'hardwired' colour!)

And you...?


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