Tuesday, June 22

Personalised Wooden Map Letters - WOW!

Quick quiz for me....

1. Do I have 'a thing' for maps? (You bet I do.)
2. Do I love typography and all things letter related? (Oh yeah!)
3. Do I love a little bit of 'French magic' in my decorating? (Yep! One of the covers in my 'almost ready' shop is of the Paris Metro - here's a little peek!)

Pretty obvious then, what I think of these eye catching 'map letters'.


The online store where I found them is called Not On The High Street.... and I got lost for a good hour looking around there the other day. WOW!

They have a whole category for decorative letters featuring letters made from wood, metal, dried rose buds, old wooden blocks...... it's typography heaven over there.

Linda. xox



  1. I'm in love with the vintage letterpress set they have...mhhmhhhmhh...I want it!!

  2. They look amazing! I love wooden letters (my son will definitely know his name when he is a little older) and I am fascinated with maps. Good combo!!

  3. Oh yeah, I loved those ones too Bobbi!

    And, hi Sophie and Craig from Grounded Pleasures! Just stopped by your blog and you are from Ballarat - Yay!!!! So nice to *meet* you.

    Linda. xox :)


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