Wednesday, September 16

Bedroom Renovation Featuring High Drama, Old World Glamour, And Deep, Ravishing Red...

Love this bedroom turn-around..... probably because I'm a 'red' girl!

I've never actually done my own walls in red, rather, I've relied on fabric and accents via accessories, lampshades, artwork, cushions etc.

But, I'm lovin' the walls in this room.

A beautiful deep shade.

I'm also going through a striped wallpaper phase, so this really grabbed my attention!

And the other patterns used throughout on the window treatment, carpet, cushions, pillows, and bed linen all blend beautifully.

High drama and old world glamour indeed, well suited to the architectural bones of the room.

A treat for 'Victorian Era' fans!



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1 comment:

  1. wow, that's a room fit for a palace! :) love the red too. I'd pay $500/night for a hotel room like that.


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