Wednesday, December 2

A Schmooze Of Bedrooms....

'A what?' I hear you say!

A schmooze...... a smooze, a snooch...... something like that.

A bit of background.... ('Thank goodness!' you say).

A few weeks ago I was reading an article in the newspaper (like this one)about all the words that've recently been admitted into the Macquarie Dictionary and classed as 'real' words instead of just modern slang.

Words and phrases like 'skinny jeans' and 'boyzillian wax' are apparently now so mainstream they deserve such a place. Even 'lace eyelashes' and 'ear gauging' get a gig!

Then, a few days later I was watching a documentary about bats and it mentioned bats like to live together, and a group of bats is called a 'camp' of bats. How cute! Who would've thought a group of bats would be called a 'camp'!

This, along with the Macquarie Dictionary article got my interior design obsessed brain to thinking (yes, yes, strange combination, I know).....

I like to keep collections of rooms I love.... so, like a 'herd of elephants', or a 'pod of whales', or a 'posy of flowers', or a 'neighbourhood of houses', I decided a group of anything related to interior design deserved a proper name! Whence of course I took it upon myself to come up with some appropriate misnomers.

So, what would I call a group of bedrooms? A group of bathrooms? A group of kitchens?

What new words/phrases could I create that may one day edge their way into the dictionary of everyday vernacular?

First to spring to mind was the question of bedrooms. What would I call a group of them?

Well, you smooch and snooze in a bedroom.... so maybe a combination of those two words.... smooze or snooch! Maybe a word a little like both of them.... schmooze (it sounds more fluid or something!)

Or, maybe the word 'drift', because you drift off to sleep (unless you're an insomniac like me) in a bedroom.

And, I like the word 'sanctuary' because the bedroom is a place of sanctuary and comfort.

So I could call my group of bedrooms -

  • a schmooze of bedrooms,
  • a smooze of bedrooms,
  • a snooch of bedrooms,
  • a drift of bedrooms, or
  • a sanctuary of bedrooms!
What do you think? Got any ideas? Any other names you could suggest?

I think I'm sticking with 'schmooze' for the time being, it tickles my fancy.

So here they are.....

.... a schmooze of glorious bedrooms!

Now, onto my next 'naming' adventure.... I'm thinking I'll show you a 'clutch of cabinets', or a 'nobble of nooks', or a 'dish of dining rooms'. My writer's brain is pondering big time on some of these. Stay tuned!





  1. cute idea. could be a snuggle of bedrooms too! :)

  2. I really liked the dramatic carpet in the Canadian House & Home Mag.


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