Wednesday, May 26

3 Things To Love - The Amazing Work of Helen Musselwhite

Imagine my absolute astonishment when I came across Helen Musselwhite's beautiful paper works of art a week or so ago early one bleary eyed morning....

My well documented love of owls got kicked into overdrive with many pieces featuring their gorgeous presence - this piece was one of so many delightful owl artworks I could have picked.

And, my love for trees and all things woodsy and foresty means this piece is a standout for me...

But, finally, the piece that really made my jaw drop............

Now, as well as my afore-mentioned 'owl' and 'tree' fascinations, I have a 'thing' for butterflies, and all 3 are taken care of in one magnificent, sublime piece of crafting genious with the intricate and delicate work above.

I'm absolutely in awe of this beautifully detailed example of handmade heaven.

Check out the galleries on Helen's website for more wonderful scenes...

Ask yourself: 'What do I 'have a thing for'?'

Which leads to: 'How can I introduce objects or items related to my 'fascination' into my surroundings in beautiful ways?'

Because: Bringing representations of things that fascinate you into your home will add a special dimension that nothing else can. And, finding unusual and surprising ways to include them adds an extra eye-catching twist!



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  1. wow, this is real talent, and a lot of patience too!! The butterfly is wonderful, but i love the colors in the summer owl tree and the little owl hanging in the birdhouse...amazing work. I will dream about paper owls!
    Good night!! (or good morning since you're on the other side of the planet!!)

  2. It would take a lot of patience, that's for sure!

  3. Popping in from Flying Lessons! Those Summer Owls are great!

  4. Hi Shalet *waving*. Thanks for popping in! Really looking forward to the start of Kelly's course.

    Linda. :)


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