Thursday, May 27

Now That's What I Call An Entrance!

Who said blue and green should never be seen! Open the gorgeous blue front door and walk into this lovely fresh, wide open, airy space.

Huge mirror, beautiful lamps (not to mention the overhead light fitting), wallpaper to die for, fab furniture.... and those floorboards.... mmmmmmm.

Ask yourself: 'Does my entrance have any wow factor? Have I paid it the attention it deserves?'

Which leads to: 'What simple things could I add.... a mirror, some colour, a fab coat stand, some beautiful artwork.... to make it a pleasure to open the front door every day?'

Because: The entrance to your home is the transitional space between the outside world and YOUR world. If you make it absolutely gorgeous, you'll feel the cares of the world start to drop away as soon as you enter. And, as you move further into your home, that great beginning will lead to even greater feelings of being where you belong.





  1. I LOVE this! That gorgeous blue door is fabulous! Love the wallpaper, the floor, chandelier...everything! Imagine walking home to that every day....*sigh*!

  2. That is so true. I love your writing and style... it's wonderful. And the entrance? Fabulous and chic. I like the bold feel — cheerful and colorful :)


  3. Sarah, thank you so much for your lovely words.

    Linda. x :)


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Linda. xx

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