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An Interview With Australian Artist Renee Treml...

Renee Treml is a woman after my own heart..... she loves owls!

Renee also loves other Australian native animals and features many of them in her cute, beautiful, and intricate artwork.

I first featured Renee's work when I discovered her delightful 'Great Horned Owl in a tea cup', and I'm excited to talk with her in more depth today.

Renee primarily works with 3 media: scratchboard, acrylic mixed media, and watercolour.

For the mixed media paintings, Renee creates collaged backgrounds using pages from retired books and handmade papers. She paints directly on top of the collage allowing some of the background to show through the paint.

Renee also paints with watercolors on textured clayboard and watercolor canvas, enjoying the varied and often unexpected effects achieved when the paints move on the uneven surfaces.

I asked Renee to share some thoughts about her art, her Secret Room, and what she's 'gotta thing' for...


H.A.H. (Heartfire At Home): What 5 words best describe you?

Renee: Creative, conscientious, kind, and clever (sorry, it's only four words!)

H.A.H: Why does your art mean so much to you? What is it that creating achieves for you?

Renee: I love putting my ideas on paper, canvas or clay -- something about creating art makes me feel whole. I love sneaking environmental themes into my work too... but subtle so the messages are not blaring and they can just be beautiful work.

It 's a great feeling when a piece turns out better than I was expecting, but I also enjoy the challenge (and eventual satisfaction) of working on a difficult piece.

Whether I am feeling happy or sad, I almost always try to paint things that make me smile.

H.A.H: If you had a Secret Room that you could decorate/design just for you, what would it look like?

Renee: I have to admit my secret room would be a brand new studio space, with lots of natural light and windows, but also gallery lighting and a hanging system to highlight the paintings and sculptures of my favorite artists and friends that would adorn the room.

I would need at least one lemon tree -- not only do I love the fragrance of blooming flowers and lemons, but the tree itself is gorgeous -- and several orchids.

I would have several large working tables, cubbies to store my bits and pieces, and a comfy sofa with reading lamp for sketching and reading. My walls would be white so they would not compete with the beautiful artwork and the floors would be wood for easy cleaning.

H.A.H: Have you gotta 'thing' for anything? ie. Like I have for owls as mentioned in my owl post. And do you know why you have a 'thing' for it.

Renee: I have to admit, I have such a thing for birds! My artwork has always featured owls and songbirds. Here in Australia I have been entranced by the frogmouth.

I also have a life long love for the American chickadee -- a tiny seed-eating songbird with a big personality. I used to volunteer at a wildlife hospital when I lived in the US, and my favorite job was feeding the baby birds and owls.

Set Of 5 Notecards By Renee Treml.

H.A.H: Do you have any memories that influence your art.... these can be from early childhood or later?

Renee: Most of the influences for my work come from the world right around me. The idea of relocated owls has really stuck with me as a major influence in my work.

Today I finished a series of three frogmouths nesting on egg-cups -- it is the same idea -- where will the birds build nests if their aren't any trees?

I also recently attended a talk about the fate of koala's in southern Queensland... it left me with numerous ideas for a series featuring these threatened animals.

H.A.H: What do you hope to do/achieve next?

Renee: I would love to write and illustrate a book with my very tired wombats or another crazy animal... I feel like I have the illustration part down, but the writing part always throws me for a loop. Someday I will figure it out!

Limited Edition Print by Renee Treml.


Thanks Renee for giving us a glimpse into your artistic life and your thoughts!

You can browse and purchase Renee's delightful work at:

Renee's Art Work

And here's my favourite 'Great Horned Owl' in a tea cup - couldn't resist!

Limited Edition Print by Renee Treml.

Doesn't he look very witty and charming!!



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  1. A new artist to me..but love all those owls..especially the teacup one and the one at the start of the feature.
    Have also enjoyed discovering your blog - via that lovely " seven of the best " post - it was a great introduction.

    Best wishes,

  2. These drawings are wonderful. I love the detail and the cozy sentiments contained in each one.

  3. Hi Rhiannon and Todd!

    Great to *meet* you Rhiannon and thanks for the nice words! Glad you found me. :) Off to visit your blog now!

    Linda. x :)


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