Tuesday, April 20

The Exuberance and Happiness Of Yellow!! Pics To Lift Your Heart...

Well..... I was all set to write a post about decluttering today, then I came across this divine picture of a golden hallway with the words 'Good Day Sunshine' lettered above the openings and I got sidetracked into the wonderfully exuberant and delightfully happy world of yellow!

Yay for yellow!

I may be a 'red' lover, but I have a huge soft spot for yellow (at least 2 of my homes have had yellow walls painted throughout). And, whilst my partner calls me the 'Queen of Decluttering', that post will have to wait, because today I'm reminded just how uplifting yellow can be!

Here's a collection of gorgeous yellow pics to light up your day... for the slide show, click on the first left icon to expand the screen, then click the arrows!

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful blast of yellow!



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  1. now that's yellow. I do like it.

  2. Lol!! Hi Paula, that was a gorgeous kitchen in your latest post!

  3. I love yellow...I have yellow kitchen countertops, yellow chairs, yellow walls..Ii love summer and yellow is the color that most reminds me of it.

  4. Hi Bobbi! Your home must be a very happy place! Just popped over to your blog (The Lazy Designer) and your photograph choices are beautiful. I will visit again to see what you choose next! Lovely photographs are so inspiring aren't they.

    Nice to *meet* you!

    Linda. xx :)

  5. Hi Linda...and nice to meet you too!!! I've been an interior designer and a decorator for over ten years but I can tell you ...my house is a mess. A very yellow happy mess.
    Thanks for your nice words! (I love your blog!)

  6. Thanks!! 'A very happy yellow mess' sounds like a great home to live in!!


  7. I just LOVE yellow as well. It's the most cheery color there is...lately, I have been craving a big, long, yellow velvet pillow for a splash of color and fun. Thanks for sharing these lovely inspirational photos + also, for your sweet comment on my blog. That was so kind of you -- you have such a lovely blog, I will certainly be back :)

    Have a nice day!

  8. Hi Sarah and thank you for your lovely comments!! That long, yellow velvet pillow sounds wonderful...I'll have one of those too!

    Nice to *meet* you! Will be visiting your blogs lots!

    Linda. xx :)


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