Sunday, April 18

The 'Nurturing Home' Revisited, And A Cute Kitten!

A while back I posted 'The A,B,C's Of A Nurturing Home', a lovely, warm, inspiring list suggesting what truly makes a house a home. Very much worth a re-read to affirm just what really is important in our lives and our homes (and the pics are totally gorgeous too!).

When I saw this brilliant photo, it reminded me of the 'P' entry in that alphabetical list and why they're such a wonderful addition to any home!

Don't you just love pets! Go cat go!

Ask yourself: 'Does my home manifest many of the ABC's of a nurturing home?'

Which leads to: 'How can I create a more nurturing atmosphere within my home? What's missing?'

Because: Your home is what you make it..... you can choose to consciously create an atmosphere that cradles, nurtures, and supports you throughout your life.



P.S. Here's 2 more adorable kitten pics - because I simply couldn't resist! Imagine holding one of these lovelies in your lap and stroking it while it purrs and snuggles in to you!

P.P.S.  And just because I love him sooooo much - here's the 'Super-star' cat (as referred to in the comments) of the A,B,C's Of A Nurturing Home post. He's just awesome! You can see him down the right-hand side of the blog too.

The A,B,C's Of A Nurturing Home...



  1. Awww they are so adorable!! Love the last one too!

  2. Hi Maria! *waving*

    Thanks for dropping by... that was a very interesting discussion about 'comments' over on your blog just now..... great to see everybody's eloquent responses.

    Linda. x :)


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