Wednesday, April 21

Blog Of The Moment - Luphia Loves!

I've just found the most divine blog, full of the most gorgeous to-die-for images!

The name of the blog is Luphia Loves, and, not only does she feature some of the most incredible photography I've ever seen, but she has a weekly give-away (yes, every week!), where you can win some prints simply by leaving a comment!

This weeks give-away involves the obviously insanely talented Maria Kallin..... here's some of Maria's photos....

All images from Luphia Loves via Maria Kallin

Blog Of The Moment: Luphia Loves.



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  1. You are right, very nice blog!!

  2. Did you enter for the give-away?!! I sure did!

    Linda. :)

  3. ...thanks, for following...
    (and, oh my God, I've just noticed you're from Australia...I LOVE IT!!!)

  4. You're welcome Bobbi!! Thanks for following me too! I don't have many yet, so I notice when someone adds me to their list!

    Linds. xx


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