Friday, October 30

So You're Passionate About Purple - What Does That Mean?

Are you passionate about purple? Is this spiritual, luxurious, and royal colour the one you love the most? Does it find its way into your interiors or your wardrobe almost without thinking?

Let's see what my favourite book about colour (Colors For Your Every Mood - Discover Your True Decorating Colors by Leatrice Eiseman) tells us about people and the colour Purple.

To summarize...

If Purple Is Your Favourite Colour: This hue has an aura of mystery and intrigue. The purple person is enigmatic and highly creative, with a quick perception of spiritual ideas. Purple is often preferred by artists. People who like to think of themselves as 'different' or unconventional often prefer purple.

Purple people are generous and can be charming. Purple is also associated with wit, keen observation, sensitivity, vanity and moodiness.

Because purple is a combination of red and blue, which are opposites in many ways, you often have conflicting traits. You are constantly trying to balance those opposites - the excitement of red with the tranquility of blue.

It has been said that purple people are easy to live with but hard to know. You can be secretive, so that even when you seem to be confiding freely, you may still not reveal your innermost feelings, even to your closest friends.

If Purple Is Your Least Favourite Colour: When people are anti purple, they need a lack of pretense in their lives. You do not like getting involved in any activity unless you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. You usually exercise good judgement, and frankness is a quality you look for in friends and colleagues.

Purple may seem a bit 'puffed up' to you because of its association to royalty, or perhaps you come from a culture where its association to mourning is deeply ingrained.

What do you know?: Do you love purple?

What do you think?: Do you fit the purple profile?




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  1. I love purple - it is a passionate a rich and color - I like it best paired with emerald green - like peacock feathers ...
    It also a very royal color - in Antiquity only the very powerful and wealthy were allowed to wear it - and November is a perfect time to celebrate "The Purple Heart "with Veterans day and Remembrance day coming up.
    Great photos!

  2. Hi Michele, what a fantastic comment - thank you!

    I love purple and emerald green too... when I used to get out my box of Derwent Coloured Pencils when I was young the emerald green always got a good work-out, as did the best purple!


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