Sunday, November 8

Tree Murals and Tree Wallpaper...

As I've 'gotta thing' for trees, finding images like the ones below really makes me smile! I've often thought of painting a free hand tree mural on my wall........ one day!

I found these pics on Coco and Kelly. I particularly like the mural in the third one. I love the way it's swaying to the side, the tips of the branches are creeping onto the ceiling, and some of the leaves and blossom are falling gently to the ground.

The red curtains in that pic and the first pic also sing to me as I'm a red girl from way back. :)

You'll find some more tree wallpaper in my post about trees, leaves and acorns, and there's a another little glimpse here.

Ask yourself: 'Have I 'gotta thing' for anything?'

Which leads to: 'Can I display my 'thing' in an unusual way like a mural or wallpaper?'

Because: Using wallpaper or murals is an enveloping and cocooning way of connecting with things that fascinate you the most.



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  1. Loved the start of this post. I handpainted a tree silhouette in my daughters room, and her carpet is bright red. ! I think there is a pic on flickr somewhere...

  2. Hi Jodie!

    The tree in your daughter's room looks fabulous! Very atmospheric. You did such a great job painting it. And the carpet -love it!

    Linda. :)


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