Friday, November 6

Inexpensive, Fast, Beautiful, and Meaningful...A Quick Way To Decorate Delightfully!

One of the things I love to do at my place is use stunning cards with quotes on them to decorate my walls and other flat surfaces like doors, the sides of bookshelves, on top of sliding door pelmets.... anywhere I can find a home for them!

I have well over 20 cards with delightful quotes on them scattered throughout my home. Often I'll have them displayed in groups of 3 for added impact and attractiveness.

You can find the most detailed, gorgeous, and breathtaking mini masterpieces on cards.... and the best thing is they only cost around $6.00 (or less), and you only need blu tac to get them up on the wall!

I have a guillotine so I can cut the front of the card clean and straight, and that makes a big difference to how they look on the wall. And, of course, framing such beauties gives them the chance to shine even more!

Whilst browsing Etsy today I came across these jaw dropping cards by Jeannine Roberts Royce, and I immediately fell in love with their glorious colours and words of wisdom.

Jeannine is a writer, artist, designer, photo stylist, and digital illustrator.

Her work features photos of uniquely styled flowers and nature recreated into radiant, mandala gardens. These beautiful images are then coupled with wisely crafted words, encouraging and empowering you to do what you were born to do.

Jeannine's Etsy shop also features the most divine prints with lyrical words of wisdom and guidance.

The soul's yearning to express itself and realize itself is alive in every breath you take.

As life ripens and seasons her, failures and pain are inevitable, defeat is optional. A fearless woman gains wisdom from failure - as well as courage, knowledge, fortitude... and a little attitude.

She pictures and believes provocative stories starring her fearless spirit. Assigns herself colourful roles and takes the stage with a confidence driven by a bold heart. It goes without saying, the story is not over.

Jeannine's Etsy shop is only relatively new, but I can see her message of hope and wisdom spreading far and wide via these stunning cards and prints.

Ask yourself: 'Do I use any inexpensive items like greeting cards to add colour and meaning to my surroundings?'

Which leads to: 'If not, is it something I'd consider?'

Because: We don't have to pay inordinate amounts of money to find a little masterpiece or gem that brings delight, inner meaning, and visual pleasure to our surroundings.





  1. I love the colors and designs of these cards!

  2. Aren't they gorgeous Todd! Jeannine is lovely to talk to as well!

    Linda. :)


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