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Your Secret Room - What Is It You REALLY Want?

Choosing a new decorating scheme or making an interior design plan doesn’t always have to follow a set of ‘design rules‘. In fact, every now and then we need to throw the rules out the window and follow what we 'know' is right for us.

Gut instinct and strange longings are powerful things.....

So, here’s a strikingly insightful way to reveal ideas for creating something special in your home. I first came up with this idea about 5 years ago, and it's been a fascinating way of delving into what it is people really want (and need) to have around them.

As my blog evolves I hope to include interviews with friends, family, and community people about their own secret rooms, and to invite design lovers the world over to share their own secret design desires with us!

Let's Begin:

Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen, and jot down the answers to the questions below.

Write down each answer in as much detail as possible. The deeper you can analyse each question, the better. Take your time and really give consideration to what your senses are telling you. Wallow as much as you can.....

Imagine there is a secret room in your home that nobody else knows about.

No-one else can enter it.

No-one else will ever see it.

This room is only for you.

It has everything you've ever wanted or dreamed of in a room.

It makes you feel completely at home and at ease.

The world recedes and everything falls away except you, your room, and your sense of belonging.

Now, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and...
...look around your secret room.

1. What is the pervasive feeling? Is it mysterious, relaxing, calm, exuberant, happy, cosy, elegant, luxurious, or opulent etc?

2. Is there a specific colour or group of colours that stand out? What colour are the walls, curtains (if there are any), upholstery, paintings, and decorations etc?

3. What type of lighting is prevalent? Is it soft, subdued, bright, sunny, dappled, stark, flickering, rich, or glowing? Are there lamps, candles, downlights, or fairy lights? Is there simply an abundance of natural light?

4. Are there specific textures and materials that grab your attention? For example: Lush velvet, soft carpet, grainy wood, smooth leather, shiny chrome, crisp linen, textured plants, embossed wallpaper etc?

5. Are there any objects or artefacts you particularly adore or are drawn to? A comfy chair? A favourite collection? Stunning paintings or photographs? Your treasured books?

6. Are there specific patterns or decorative symbols that attract you? What patterns are on the fabric and material in the room? Is there wallpaper with a striking pattern on it? Do any of the objects in the room have a pattern you love on them?

7. Is there a scent you love in the air? Perhaps from a vase of your favourite flowers? Or can you smell that unmistakable scent of many, many books?

8. What sounds can you hear? Music? Outdoor sounds? A cat purring? A grandfather clock ticking? A piano?

Your answers to the above 8 mini questions have now given you some colours, scents, patterns, textures, materials, lighting styles, sounds, objects, and artefacts that call to you and make you feel completely content.

Ask yourself: 'Are there things I came up with in my mini Secret Room Visualisation that are missing from my current environment?'

Which leads to: 'Can I take just one thing from each of the 8 areas above and integrate it into my home and decoration?'

Because: When decorating your home, it’s important to find out what will make YOU happy. Before you look to outside influences and people for help, try looking within and listening to what your own inner senses are telling you.

Everything you really need to know to achieve a great look and feel in your home, you already do.

Dreaming about your Secret Room is a great way to uncover your knowledge.



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