Saturday, October 31

October In Seven Snapshots...

Time for the second monthly round up of best posts, and it's October's turn!

So here's my 'snapshot' of the seven best posts for the month... just click on the title to read/see more about them!

Snapshot 1:

The A, B, C's Of A Nurturing Home. A lovely collection of words and pictures to take us to the heartland of what a home is really all about. Featuring what had to be one of my favourite images for the month, the 'super-star' (as one commenter labelled him) cat in the photo above. How cute and mischievious is he?

Snapshot 2:

13 Questions To Reveal Your Own Design 'Must Haves'... Part Four. This post continues a series about the things we need (or don't need) around us to help our homes truly resonate with who we are. Creating a home that connects with our soul is easy if we know what to look for. Design is about much more than copying the latest trend or turning your home into a showpiece.

Snapshot 3:

How NOT To Decorate A Beautiful Space. A slightly comical post on what NOT to do if you want your home to look beautiful. Unlike the gorgeous bedroom above (one of two images in the post to re-adjust your eyes after some not so nice viewing) which is decidely beautiful! The first comment made me nearly spit my mouthful of tea out with laughter.... and I'm sure Julie's home is utterly gorgeous!

Snapshot 4:

The Trick To Making A Room Easy On The Eye. How to make your rooms create a pleasureable journey for the eye so that everything flows and emerges naturally. The art of the 'focal point'!

Snapshot 5:

Coming Out Of The Shadows. A beautiful post with some atmospheric pics all about the importance of light, shadows, and how they effect ourselves and our interiors.

Snapshot 6:

Think Pink And Do Your Cheeky Checkups. In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a post with nearly 30 gorgeous images heralding pink! Plus some great links to useful breast cancer information. My favourite post this month.

Snapshot 7:

The Soothing Sight Of The Curve.This post discusses one important way to balance our interiors, produce 'room harmony', and create that 'just right' feeling for every room.

I hope you've enjoyed this month's snapshots!




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