Wednesday, October 14

The Trick To Making A Room Easy On The Eye...

What a great table to add character to this kitchen!

When you first enter a room a strange thing happens...... your eyes either naturally land at a particular point and then travel around the room taking everything in pleasurably...


... your eyes have no idea where to begin looking and the room can end up looking like a bit of a mish mash, giving you a headache, or feeling as though something is oddly missing.

The answer to the second scenario is making sure your rooms have a focal point.

A focal point can be a beautiful mirror, a rug, a fireplace, a lighting fixture, a fab piece of art work, an exquisite piece of furniture, a favourite ornament, or anything that's in the right place and naturally draws your attention first.

The view from the room itself can of course also be a focal point!

Without a focal point, the eye becomes confused as to where it should be looking first, and doesn't know where to glance or what to take in. This leads to unease, a feeling that things don't look right for some reason, and a failure to enjoy the view!

Can you see the focal points in these rooms?...

Photo by Erik Johnson.

Image from xJavierx via Room Lust.

Image from xJavierx via Washington Spaces.

Ask yourself: 'Do my rooms have a focal point for my eyes to rest on and begin their visual journey?'

Which leads to: What can you change, add, re-arrange, in the rooms that don't have a focal point to provide this aspect of interior design for your rooms?

Because: A room should naturally flow and be a pleasure to look at. Like all good journeys, the experience of the eye travelling around a room has to start somewhere, and that place shouldn't be hard to find lest we feel frustrated, mixed up, and a little lost!



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