Tuesday, October 6

An Interesting Question - No. 4

Time for another interesting question!

You can find Question 1 here, Question 2 here, and Question 3 here.

Here's Question Number Four:

Is there a type of animal (apart from any of your pets) you're particularly drawn to? One you've 'gotta thing' for. I don't mean you just think they're adorable or funny, but one you feel an undeniable, definite bond with.

If you did identify an animal that seems to fascinate you, do you have this animal represented anywhere within your home?

Try including statues, pictures, or some form of this animal in your surroundings. Animals such as these are deemed to be your personal totem, and are considered powerful protectors in many cultures.

Specific animal totems are also said to carry certain traits or powers that meld with their human counterparts. I myself collect owls, I've gotta real thing for them! I'm immediately drawn to their wisdom, solitude, and quiet strength. They resonate with me in a way I can't really explain.

Although they're not on display in one huge collection, there's at least one owl placed in nearly every room of my home. Where possible they're placed up high, as this is said to offer protection, particularly if placed over a door or window. I also have two large owl statues at my front door.

My own guardsmen!

This fascination with owls has been with me for as long as I can remember, and having them around me makes me feel more connected to my surroundings.

Ask yourself: 'Am I fascinated by a particular type of animal?'

Which leads to: 'Do I have this animal represented anywhere within my home?'

Because: Having representations around us of the things we're really drawn to connects us to our home and increases our feelings of belonging.

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  1. You've probably seen this owl of Allison Trentelman, but I thought of you when you said you like owls. http://bit.ly/46zqEA

  2. Hi Todd!

    I'm guessing that's Newton The Barn Owl (will check in a sec)!

    He's the reason I found Allison.... I was searching for owls on Etsy one day and Newton popped up! He's absolutely gorgeous and I fell in love with the rest of Allison's work too.

    I featured him as part of the Showcase I did on Allison last month.

    Linda. :)

  3. Linda you sneaky little Ballarat Blogger! I just got shown your blog and am having as good sticky beak right now......! Dig it heaps

  4. I love owls too. I don't have many in my home (although you've inspired me!!), but I did knit my son a great owl sweater last year!

  5. Hi Rohan, just snuck a peek at your fab blog! So many creative people in Ballarat and the surrounding area.

    Great photography!

    I'm thinking of buying my first DSLR camera so I can get more into taking photos.

    Love your last post... Marion from The Country Mouse is a wonderful lady who's happily going in another direction now. Definitely a sale too good to miss, lots of great stuff!! Glad you like my blog! :) :)

    Hi Heather, I do love those paper owls on your blog - they're so cute! Your son is so lucky to have a mum who can knit jumpers (I can't knit or sew for nuts). An owl jumper would be fantastic!! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    Linda. x :)


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