Thursday, October 8

How NOT To Decorate A Beautiful Space....

This is not an example of 'how not to decorate', this is to soothe you
before we get to the headache inducing pics below!!
A beautiful, soft, gorgeous, dreamy bedroom

My design philosophy is all about following your heart and going with the colours, patterns, objects, textures, scents, materials, art, furniture, and pieces that mean the most to you.

However, and this is a really BIG HOWEVER, that doesn't mean going absolutely beserk in ways with no organisation, logical reasoning, or rational thought behind them.

Nor does it mean squashing as many of the things you love as possible into one space, or making sure everywhere you turn there's an oversized representation of whatever it is you love that would be better suited as a prop in some weird movie.

Proportion, symmetry, colour theory, editing (decluttering) and the appropriate use of space are guidelines to follow in any room, all of the time.

Be warned.... if you don't allow for some modicum of sense, if you let your head go whilst following your heart.... things that aren't nice ARE going to happen......

I understand bears are cute.... I really do... but...

....ENOUGH already!

Too much..... everything! Bleh!

I know deer heads are in fashion, but I don't like 'em.
I especially don't like a whole herd of them or their cousins.

Busy wallpaper, plastic fruit on top of the cupboards,
and bear cookie jars. Headache approaching.

Cows..... what cows?

Now, I love owls. I collect them myself. And whilst I agree
with the author on Apartment Therapy that this is a
cool collection of owls (displayed facing out from an
apartment window), I think it'd be too much for an interior.

I have quite a few owls at my place, but no more than 3 in any one spot. That way they each retain their individuality and can be seen and appreciated. I find grouping them in one large collection may look great from a colour perspective, but detracts from their individual attributes (just my thoughts!).

Ask yourself: 'Am I letting my head go too much? Have I lost sight of common sense where my decorating is concerned? Am I paying attention to not only what I love, but also the principles of design that stand true no matter what?'

Which leads to: 'Is there some re-arranging, decluttering, eye-sore removing, colour harmonizing, balance restoring action I need to take anywhere?'

Because: Whilst our homes should be full of things we love and decorated in a way that means something to us personally, common sense should still prevail lest we devalue and disrespect the things we love by turning their display into a headache inducing mess.

And now, to re-adjust and harmonise everything once more....... here's another beautiful, serene, gorgeous bedroom from The House of Turquoise via House to Home.

I feel better already! :)



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  1. As strangely as I may decorate my house sometimes, I feel better knowing that it can never be as bad as the bear house.

  2. Hi Julie,

    I can just imagine your house being absolutely vivacious, elegant, adorable, and full of vintage delights!

    And, I just nearly spat out my tea with laughter at your comment!! :) :)

    Linda. x

  3. That was funny! Where on earth did you get those photos! Awesome!

  4. Hi Maria!

    Thanks for visiting! :)

    There are whole websites devoted to awful pics of interiors.... lol. Quite eye opening to browse through!

    I LOVE your blog, it is one of my absolute favourites. The interviews you have, the very straight to the point articles on colour and how to handle it, the reams of info to be found, the beautiful photos.... just fantastic!

    The Canadians are one lucky bunch to have you!

    Linda. :)

  5. The deer are just creepy, but the cows made me smile!

  6. The cows certainly are cute Struggler!! Just a few too many of them for me. :) If you took away a few of the soft fabric things that have been put in the pic for effect, it'd be a great kid's room!

    I've never liked the deer head thing...... it's one 'trend' I'd never follow. Feng Shui frowns upon anything 'dead' as part of decoration (dried/dead flowers are the main culprit here), so the deer heads that used to belong to a real animal are right out from my point of view! Each to their own though.

    Linda. x :)


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Linda. xx

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