Sunday, August 30

An Interesting Question - No. 2

You can find Question No. 1 of this little series here. Now....

Here's Question Number Two

What words sum up what the word 'home' means to you?

Pick 3.

For example, does the word 'home' conjure up words like: relaxing, soothing, calming, serene, uplifting, secure, safe, cosy, invigorating, refreshing, joyful, happy, peaceful, nurturing, energising, entertaining, family, laughter, fun, serious, focused, natural, friendly, green (environmentally), escape, playful, down-time, warm, cool, protection, spiritual...? etc.

Once you have your 3 main words, you need to think about the INTENT - there's that word again - behind the way you've designed and decorated your home.

Do the colours and materials used within your home match your 3 words? Do the textures, objects, and arrangements within your home help bring to life the way you want your home to feel?

You can also do this exercise room by room, as each room may serve a different purpose within your home. One room, such as the study, may be a very serious and focused room, whilst another such as the living area, may be a large family space primarly used for play, entertaining, and connecting.

Whatever the space, the intent or purpose of that space must be taken into account above all else when designing to bring that room to life.

Certain colours such as green, blue, whites, creams, neutrals etc are more soothing and better used in rooms where such a feeling is desired. Other colours like red, orange, yellow, hot pink, are better used in rooms where feelings of cheerfulness, energy, vivaciousness, playfulness, action, and passion are sought!

Certain materials like wood and natural fabrics are more grounding, nurturing, and spiritual, whilst others such as plastic and metal give off a more funky vibe.

A room designed for fun can have lots of quirky, delightful objects and wall decorations to bring a sense of lightheartedness and surprise to it! Plus lots of bold, entertaining patterns and colours! (Pic thanks to Pink Friday) .

Types of furniture are more suited to particular rooms.... a gorgeous antique armchair will be more suited to a library, study, adult living area, or bedroom, whilst robust modular furniture will be more suited to family spaces and kid friendly zones.

Ask yourself: 'What are the 3 main words that sum up how I want my home (or each room) to feel?'

Which leads to: 'Does the way in which my home is decorated respond to those words?'

Because: Decorating your home in a 'show room', 'trendy', 'let's jam in everything that's up-to-date in design now' fashion will not bring you any satisfaction if it doesn't match your INTENT. If there's a mis-match between how your home is decorated and how you want it to feel, you'll never feel completely 'at home' there.



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