Monday, October 5

Limited Edition Cushion Art By Catalina Estrada

I'm a bit of a cushion collector!

If I could have a wardrobe for cushions, I'd be happy.

And why not?

Just like gorgeous clothes, or snazzy accessories change our appearance in an instant, cushions can change the appearance of a room in the blink of an eye.

A wardrobe of them would allow me to alternate looks, change for the seasons, and design on a whim for my mood!

These three limited edition cushions by artist Catalina Estrada really wow me, and would definitely make it into my 'wardrobe'!

They're different, eclectic, intricately designed, colourful, folk art masterpieces on a small square of fabric.

Catalina's designs are based on Latin-American folklore. They're an explosion of enchanting characters, nature based motifs, and fascinating pattern.

Just what I was in the mood for today! :)



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  1. These are fun patterns! I really like the bottom one...and I'm with you...pillows and cushions are cozy and good. :)

  2. As a guy, I wouldn't buy one for myself, but I like that first pillow. :) Could look great in a sunny room.

  3. Hi there. Love your blog. Not sure how I haven't found you sooner. Glad I've found you now :-)

  4. Hi Lisa, Todd and Kim! Thanks for dropping by.

    Great to *meet* another Ballarat blogger Kim!! Your blog is great!

    I've only been blogging for just under 2 months, so haven't been around long to be found by many people.

    It was great when I realised there were some other fellow Ballarat bloggers out there thanks to Julie from Ballarat Vintage who left a comment one day and had a list of other Ballarat bloggers on her site.

    Linda. x :)


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